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Idiotic Green Reform and the Coming Green Economic Collapse #GretaThunberg

Idiotic Green Reform: Billionaires behind the Green Agenda

  Herland Report: Idiotic Green Reform and the Coming Economic Collapse: As refreshing as it is to hear candid criticisms of the system’s failure and even support for the restoration of Glass-Steagall bank separation from presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard or even the lame Elisabeth Warren… we find that in each case, those candidates are on record supporting …

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Hva er marxisme? Karl Marx intolerante herskerklasse styrer oss nå #Tyranni

Mobbekultur eller saklig debatt? Hanne Nabintu Herland i Aftenposten: TYRANNI ny bok

  Herland Report: Karl Marx intolerante herskerklasse styrer oss nå. Marx introduserte et system der marxistene skulle ta føydalherrenes rolle og kontrollere befolkningen gjennom staten, de ble det nye borgerskapet, skriver Hanne Nabintu Herland i sin nye bok Tyranni. Hvordan venstresiden ble den nye, intolerante herskerklassen. I klassekampen som Karl Marx er så berømt for gikk han til angrep på …

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Nasdaq: The Displacement of the Straight White Male

Nasdaq: The Displacement of the Straight White Male:blogspot

  Herland Report: The Nasdaq stock exchange has told its listed companies that they must appoint to their boards a “self-identified” female and a lesbian or transgender or some other sexual deviant or be delisted from the stock exchange. Think about this.  A stock exchange has no right to structure the corporate boards of the companies listed on the exchange, writes …

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The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen, writes Paul Craig Roberts

2021 predictions from an expert on Russia, China Paul Craig Roberts on the beach with Hanne Herland

  Herland Report: I have read enough of the fraud reports, affidavits, and statements from election security and forensic experts to be comfortable in my conclusion that the election was stolen. But I am not confident that anything will be done about the fradulent election. The American elite no longer believe in democracy. Consider, for example, the World Economic Forum’s Great …

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NY BOK TYRANNI med personlige historier fra Kongo til Norge – et raseorientert samfunn

NY BOK TYRANNI med personlige historier fra Kongo til Norge - et raseorientert samfunn, Herland Report

  Herland Report: Hanne Nabintu Herlands bok Tyranni – hvordan venstresiden ble den nye herskerklassen beskriver hennes kultursjokk i møte med Norge. KJØP DEN HER! Betegnelsen “utlending” brukes ofte kun som betegnelse på mennesker med mørkere hud som flytter til Norge, mens etnisk norske som kommer flyttende til landet – slik som Herland – faller dermed utenfor denne betegnelsen. Hun …

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NY BOK fra Hanne Nabintu Herland: “TYRANNI. Hvordan Venstresiden ble den intolerante herskerklassen”

Boken "Tyranni" av Hanne Nabintu Herland beskriver hvordan venstresiden ble den nye intolerante herskerklassen

  Herland Report: Religionshistoriker Hanne Nabintu Herland er ute med ny bok, Tyranni. Hvordan venstresiden ble den nye, intolerante herskerklassen der hun hevder at sosialistene ble den nye eliten som ikke vil ha mangfold, men totalitær ensretting av samfunnet. Kjøp den her som julegave til familie og alle tenkende mennesker i Norge! Den er også tilgjengelig hos ARK bokhandel, ADLIBRIS, …

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The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet?

The Truth about Trump: The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet? CNN, Herland Report

  Herland Report: The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet? Like an old truck, the US political system has lumbered down an uneven road for many years but the mileage on the clock is beginning to show. No longer a Constitutional Republic — and certainly not a “democracy” — the cracks in the system appeared long ago, and …

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Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy: Neoliberalism shall return Full Force

The American De-Industrialization: Staggering 40 % believes Biden suffers from dementia, cognitive ailment, turning senile, People

  Herland Report: Subsequent to the Captured State’s nearly four-year setback in its attempt to shape the world to suit their Globalist-Neoliberal agenda, let’s examine what the Biden-Harris regime’s foreign policy might look like, writes author and published scholar on the US monetary system, Steve Brown for The Herland Report.   CHINA Perhaps controversial to some, no nation should give …

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Why Socialist Billionaires hate Trump: “Trump. The Battle for America” WND

New Book cuts through Media Rhetoric: “Trump. The Battle for America”, Hanne Nabintu Herland

  Herland Report: Donald Trump may be the most demonized President in US history, simply because his ultra-rich Socialist Billionaire enemies own the media and control the US establishment, writes Hanne Herland at WND, the largest Conservative news outlet in America. Read the exclusive excerpts from bestselling author, Hanne Nabintu Herland’s latest book at WND. With Trump’s “America First” slogan, he …

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