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TV-serie om religion og politikk med Walid al-Kubaisi kommer snart

TV-serie om religion og politikk med Walid al-Kubaisi Herland Report

  Det har vært en stor glede å samarbeide med Walid al-Kubaisi om en ny TV serie. Første program i denne “Walid Spesial” kommer nå før jul på Herland Report TV kanalen. Vi samtaler om religionens rolle i kulturen, om Koranen, om Bibelen og om Jesus og hans fundamentale rolle i begge disse religionene. Du får høre en muslim snakke …

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Military build-up in Libya, Fayez al-Sarraj

  Military build-up in Libya: The free elections of the Libyan people, upcoming in March 2018, is threatened as Libyan politicians allegedly seek to extend powers by receiving “personal protection” in the West. Recently Libyan PM and head of the Libyan national reconciliation government, Fayez Al-Sarraj, has travelled both to the USA and Italy without getting the support he wished …

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Før Libya krigen 2011: Afrikas rikeste land #Jonas Gahr Støre

Muammar Gaddafi UN Herland Report

  Herland Report: Libya krigen førte til at Al Qaida affilierte grupper tok makten, og til dags dato ligger landet i ruiner. Dette skjer i dag mens vestlige observatører er fullstendig klar over at ISIS, Al Qaida, salafi, takfiri og andre militsgrupper tyranniserer lokalbefolkningen. Det pågår overgrep, voldtekt av både menn og kvinner, kidnapping av voksne og barn, drap, etnisk rensning …

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NATO assault in Libya will never be forgotten

NATO assault in Libya will never be forgotten:

  Herland Report: The NATO assault in Libya will never be forgotten: In our lifetime NATO has gone from being a transatlantic defense organization to an aggressive political alliance which attacks weak states wherever American interests are threatened. NATO’s brutal war and contribution to the Libya war is one of the worst examples of Western assault in modern history. In …

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A tribute to the Coptic Christians in Egypt God is Great


  Herland Report: In a time when minorities in the Middle East, such as the Coptic Christians of Egypt, are experiencing an unprecedented degree of persecution from Islamists in the region, songs like these remind us of the multicultural fabric of nations such as Egypt. It is an ethnic mosaic which is a beautiful testament to the diversity and plurality …

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Before 2011, Libya was Africa’s richest state, now horrifying atrocities 

Libya was Africa’s richest state, now horrifying atrocities: Muammar Gaddafi UN Herland Report AP

  Herland Report: Libya was Africa’s richest state, now horrifying atrocities: The NATO Libya war in 2011 sent the country spiraling into chaos and civil war, now characterized by militia rule, sectarianism and proxy war. A number of European countries have conducted independent investigations into the NATO involvement in the Libya War, 2011. The facts display that the UN resolution …

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Obama War president got Nobel Peace Prize

Det vulgære Norge: Herland Report banner

  Herland Report: Hanne Nabintu Herland: Many hoped for peace when Barack Obama won the USA election in 2008. In Europe, everyone was satisfied by USA’s progressive choice and thrilled to be rid of Republican George Bush. It definitely added to the thrill that Obama was a man of color, which led to Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize …

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Khalid al-Khuwaildi al-Humaidi: Prosecuting NATO for War Crimes in Libya

Khuwaildi al-Humaidi’s son revealed to Sputnik details of his prosecution of NATO.

  Khalid al-Khuwaildi al-Humaidi, President of the International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief (IOPCR ), sued NATO for its “crimes” against Libyan civilians. He, alone, lost 13 members of his family because of the bombing, including two of his sons, his pregnant wife, his niece, aunt and a cousin. Members of the same family, including his mother, father, sisters …

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Norwegian Aid Industry Syria funds Al Nusra in Idlib – Eva Thomassen

Norwegian Aid Industry Syria: East Aleppo CIty Council Eva Thomassen Herland Report Syria

  Norwegian Aid Industry Syria: At The Herland Report, we strive to acquire knowledge about several aspects in a conflict. What has angered many in the West is the biased coverage of the Syria war in the mainstream media. We need journalists who are critical, who examine a variety of perspectives. The Syria war led to over 10 million displaced, …

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