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Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy: Neoliberalism shall return Full Force


Herland Report: Subsequent to the Captured State’s nearly four-year setback in its attempt to shape the world to suit their Globalist-Neoliberal agenda, let’s examine what the Biden-Harris regime’s foreign policy might look like, writes author and published scholar on the US monetary system, Steve Brown for The Herland Report.



Perhaps controversial to some, no nation should give away the crown jewels of manufacturing then ask for them back later on, as Trump has attempted.

But for Biden, to reverse the Trump approach and seek rapprochement with China may be tricky.

While China needs US trade, it already owns large swathes of US goods production and circumvented many of the sanctions and trade penalties the US leveraged against it.

Ultimately China understands that the United States is experiencing decline, and that China must maintain dominance not just in manufacturing, but must also challenge US dollar hegemony going forward.


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Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy: Neoliberalism shall return Full Force: This China trade war is far along, and Biden-Harris may not easily address it.

Establishment of trade relations with Huawei and influence Biden engaged in as vice president may ease China tensions somewhat, especially if trade and political sanctions versus China are eased, and abrasive US statements on Hong Kong protests end.




Still, China is unlikely to see the United States as a reliable partner going forward… just as the Russian Federation does not.

Meanwhile US trade and diplomatic missions in the world will continue to deteriorate and decline under Biden-Harris overall. China is now a first power and has 20-20 vision when it comes to double-dealing regimes… which most of the world perceives the US to be.



Biden will be eager to voice his support for NATO, and reinforce NATO’s long-term opposition to the Sino-Russian Pact.

NATO will welcome cooperation with the regime, since NATO’s hand is always out and the aggression Democrats routinely engage in provides NATO with its heavily conjured raison d’etre.

In addition, NATO hopes Biden’s Neoliberal* approach may bring Turkey back into the NATO fold, to counter any Russo-Turk rapprochement, a major statist goal.  (See Turkey, below)



long, since Biden’s crew of geopolitical miscreants will be eager to leap into the foreign policy fray. Potentially to include “‘Toria” Kagan-Nuland, Sam Power, Susan Rice, “Ginger Jen“,  Kimberly Breier, Leon Panetta and just about any other unsavoury globalist aggressor that can possibly be imagined, getting the Democrat’s Warfare State back on track will be a primary goal for Biden-Harris.**



The State Capture class says that Russia is a top threat to the United States. Washington’s Elites and their media — including National Public Radio and the US Public Broadcasting Service — have pummeled the public with Russophobic hysteria for years, while the House of Representatives attempted to impeach Trump via a conspiracy theory based on provably bogus Russian 2016 ‘election meddling’.

Via Biden, sanctions versus the Russian Federation and its business interests will likely expand, invoking the dark winter Biden promised us.

Harris’s belligerence will escalate attempts to topple Syria’s leadership, a policy which began in earnest with Hillary Clinton in 2011 at the behest of Israel and the CIA. Now Biden-Harris may attempt to confront Russia in Syria.

Confronting Russia in Syria will implicitly prove the Biden regime’s compliance to Israel’s policy of aggression versus Iran, and Israel’s goal of removing Assad while leaving Syria a failed state.

But a US confrontation with Russia in Syria will prove to be a grave miscalculation, and highlight continuing dangerous Neoliberal-Neoconservative designs on the Middle East, which have already cost trillions in treasure and lives. Expanded Biden sanctions versus Russia will be counterproductive and further isolate the United States.



Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy: Neoliberalism shall return Full Force: NATO member Turkey has long been a double-agent, courting both the Russian Federation and former United States to advantage.

An aggressive but weak Biden regime may look to Turkey to rebuild credibility with NATO and oppose Russian influence in Syria and elsewhere. The foregoing however is a supremely dangerous game for Biden to play.

No incoming State Dept actor in the new regime will be capable of handling a sophisticated and canny operator like Erdogan and co. And Turkey has already denounced Biden. So look for regional instability and potential for conflicts such as Nagorno-Karabakh to increase in number, severity, and cost.



Cuban immigrants to Florida largely supported Trump-Pence, thus the potential for a Biden-Harris thaw in relations with Cuba – and for that matter Venezuela — appear unlikely.

That’s because with such a narrow political margin, Biden must court Florida’s Cuban immigrants and relax US immigration policies to gain the reactionary Cuban vote, while resisting détente with Cuba.

On Venezuela, due to the premise of US confiscation of Venezuela’s gold reserves and confiscation of Venezuela’s natural resources, Biden is unlikely to reduce US sanctions and aggressive policy toward Venezuela.


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Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy: Neoliberalism shall return Full Force: Despite media portrayal otherwise, Trump did not purge subversive elements within his regime, and missed treachery in the form of Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray while distracted by Russiagate and media hijinks.

Trump appeared to favour perceived loyalty and personality over competence and ability to a point where Trump seemingly misjudged the disloyal in his Court.

Point being, Biden will inherit a nasty crew of scheming Bureaucrats charged to blunt the truth regarding the many scandals surrounding the political class; these include Huntergate, Russiagate, the Epstein-Maxwell affair, and many others.

In other words, there will be no time for the current Attorney General of the United States to prosecute grievous crimes versus the Constitution, such as the impeachment attempt initiated not even one year ago.

Biden will likely end these investigations and perhaps even cut a deal with Ghislaine Maxwell to protect powerful players, and end investigations regarding the Steele Dossier and Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling in China and Ukraine.



Trump-Kushner’s recognition of Israel’s annexation of the occupied Golan Heights cannot be undone. Whether Biden-Harris will support Israel’s ongoing push to annex the Jordan Valley or stop it — is unknown, but opposition to annexation and arguing against the continued expansion of militant Zionist extremist settlements will be an early test for Biden.

US rapprochement with the people of Palestine is impossible, and based on the nature of this US political structure, any US support for Palestinians and their plight is highly unlikely.

Evidence suggests that Trump provided his support to Netanyahu’s JTF regime as a means to gain and maintain power.

But the Israeli lobby, as powerful as it may be, could not guarantee Trump a two-term tenure.  Even so, the Israeli lobby will be essential to Biden in maintaining power.  Ironically, to pay tribute to the Israeli lobby and shore up his power base, Biden must escalate US harassment of Iran — especially in Syria and Iraq.

As such, Iran will eye the new US regime with great suspicion. Biden has indicated there may be some attempt to revive the JCPOA but Iran will not countenance any such overture.

Attempting to revive the JCPOA will incite Israel to war too, as as ‘Settlements Minister’ Tzachi Hanegbi has stated.

Iran has been successful in circumventing US sanctions and resisting US-Israeli aggression while expanding its influence in Syria and Iraq, and there is no need for Iran to bargain with US State actors as described above, thus any attempt at US-Iran rapprochement is exceedingly unlikely.



America’s longest war is fueled by the bankrupt coffers of the Treasury’s Federal Reserve and a yawning US hubris that seeks war only for profit’s sake.

Trump’s plans to draw down troops there seems like a last hurrah at providing proof to the people that he keeps his promises. Biden-Harris will certainly reverse this.



Since Trump assumed the presidency, there have been no ISIS/jihadist terror attacks inside the United States. For reason unknown the president did not list that as being a major accomplishment of his term.

The US media has never credited Mr.Trump for the absence of domestic takfiri terror attacks during his term. The situation is treated such that when even France experienced major terror attacks by ISIS terrorists, the events received only minimal reporting in the US.

Regardless of how one feels about the so-called Muslim ban the fact remains that takfiri terror attacks in the US seem like a distant memory.  But Biden has already vowed to end Trump’s immigration controls, and, if so, Biden’s actions (among others) will likely result in serious and sustained new terror threats to the US going forward.



North Korea understands what Saddam Hussein did not: if you’re a “rogue state” and really do possess nuclear weapons, then you don’t get attacked by the United States.

Biden’s approach to North Korea will likely mirror that of his former boss, which is to do nothing, and refuse to accept that North Korea has the right to defend itself.  No progress there.




As a businessman, Mr. Trump could be no more than an outsider in Washington’s snake pit and Mr. Trump apparently did not fully learn Machiavelli’s lessons on modern leadership. The Beltway culture of scheming and double-dealing allowed Neoconservative and Statist apparatchiks to rule Washington with reckless abandon for decades — to the very day Mr Trump assumed office. Misguided or not, Trump believed he could make a positive difference for America by his best efforts. He kept America out of new wars – for example with Iran – wars that the Captured State so desires.  He thought he could drain a vile swamp, but now the Captured State has prevailed again.

And that is what Mr Biden’s foreign policy will be all about.


*Neoliberal (def.): US hubris promotes US Corporate interests and financialized systems on a global basis without restraint. By puppet regimes, brutal dictators, war, or creating failed states; American influence must prevail at all costs whether human or financial, so long as financial gain results.     

**To do so will require removal or submission of the Secretary of the Treasury since Mr Mnuchin has pledged US weaponization of the USD and financial sanctions as a surrogate for traditional and historic US military aggression.


Also check out these topics at CNN or FOX News. Other sources may be New York TimesUSA Today, the Washington Post or from the British angle, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph or Financial Times.

About the author

Steve Brown: “Iraq: the Road to War” (Sourcewatch) editor of “Bush Administration War Crimes in Iraq” (Sourcewatch) and “Federal Reserve: Out-sourcing the Monetary System to the Money Trust Oligarchs Since 1913”. Steve is an antiwar activist, a published scholar on the US monetary system, and has appeared as guest contributor to The Duran, Ron Paul Institute, Herland Report and Strategika51. twitter: @newsypaperz


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