Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity: Herland Report

Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity #Covid-19


Herland Report: Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity: Do we know enough to justify the massive measures that violate human rights in our free democratic society?

With all their predictable consequences. And if so, on which data are these decisions based and which strategies have been construed?

These are central questions in Germany’s forefront virus expert in microbiology, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s open letter to the Chancellor of Germany.

He points out that he has no political agenda, pursue no personal interest and no interest of any third party.

This is important as the question of public health is now permeated by the agenda of the world’s richest men, such as Bill Gates.

Gates owns the research facilities, the vaccines, the distribution channels, he donates billions to the World Health Organization, he controls the NGOs, he pays the doctors.

As the West turn to non-elected billionaire oligarch Bill Gates to determine public health issues, we are set to fail.

The end of democracy marks the entry of the new feudal lords, set to gain from the fall of the middle and lower classes.

Read the Herland Report article about the alarming interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, which sends a chillingly apocalyptic message:

The Western government shut downs is a completely wrong and extremely dangerous response to the Covid-19 virus. Self-isolating the whole population is “grotesque, absurd and very dangerous. All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide caused by fear.”

As Western oligarch billionaires such as Bill Gates seek to control governments, state funds and public health, with free access to the oligarch owned media, the true pandemic experts are not heard.


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Open Letter To The Chancellor of Germany

By Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Dear Fellow Citizens


Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity:  I am a medical microbiologist and infectious disease epidemiologist who served for 22 years as chairman of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Mainz University.

My life has been devoted to researching the pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy of infectious diseases.

I have uploaded the first video to address the COVID-19 debate that is raging worldwide.

My intent was to channel the heated discussions back and down to a sound, scientific basis – for the sake of the entire community in this country.

I share no political agenda. I pursue no personal interest and no interest of any third party.

The only reason for this video is the obligation to serve science and our community.




Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity: The decisive question is: Do we know enough to justify the massive measures that violate human rights in our free democratic society?

With all their predictable consequences. And if so, on which data are these decisions based and which strategies have been construed?

I have now written an open letter to the Chancellor of Germany, addressing the most pressing 5 open questions.


Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity:  In this, my last video, I will explain the reasons underlying these questions that are of vital importance to us.

My first question concerns statistics. In our field, it has always been elementary to differentiate between infection (entry and multiplication of an infectious agent) and disease or illness (appearance of clinical symptoms).

In the case of corona, this would be cough and perhaps fever. In other words: a new infection, diagnosed by a laboratory test must not be equated with illness or with patient who requires medical treatment.

It is claimed that 5 % of infected individuals will end up in ICUs and require artificial ventilation. The ensuing prognosis is awesome and predicts that Germanys health system will be driven to its utter limits.

My first question to the Chancellor: Did your projections differentiate between not or only slightly affected individuals and genuine, severely ill and hospitalized COVID-19 patients?

Dear fellow citizens: The implicit danger of equating infections with patient numbers must be obvious.

The daily numbers of registered infections is indeed exponential BUT – they cannot serve as reliable basis for any calculations on the possible burden on medical care.

Rather, we need numbers of genuine, clinically relevant COVID-19 cases in order to arrive at any sensible prediction.

The second question relates to the true danger of the virus. Implementation of the current draconian measures that so extremely restrict fundamental rights can only be justified if there is reason to fear that a truly exceptionally dangerous virus is threatening us.

Do any scientifically sound data exist to support this contention for COVID-19?

I assert the answer is simply: No! To gauge the true danger of the virus: what is the type of data we need? Here are common Corona viruses that we live with every day.

Here is COVID-19. What we need are – say – 10 000 patients, all with respiratory track disease that are infected with common Corona viruses and 10 000 infected with COVID-19.

All really with respiratory track disease, nothing else. Then, we need to ask how many dies in this group and how many in that. If the mortality is similar in both, then clearly, they are similarly dangerous or less dangerous.




Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity:  If the number here is higher, then obviously the virus is more dangerous. If the number is much, much, much higher, than obviously the virus is much, much, much more dangerous. You will ask me, has there been such a study?

And I answer: No!

Until March 19th 2020, when the first study ever appeared from our French colleagues that addressed this central question, what do you think they reported?

The mortality in both groups were similar. COVID-19 did not differ in dangerousness from its everyday relatives.

My second question to the Chancellor: How many patients with established, genuine COVID-19 patients are currently being treated in ICUs and how does the number compare with patients infected with everyday corona infections?

Are these data being considered in present and future prevention strategies? And have the data of our French colleagues received attention in this all-important context?

Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity:  Dear fellow citizens: I say not that COVID-19 is as trivial as everyday corona viruses. But I do assert that nothing points to the probability that it is much, much more dangerous.

Like for instance its alarming predecessors SARS and MERS that were deadly. Or like the flu virus that plagued the world two years ago that was 50 or 100 times more deadly than annual flu viruses.

Which this year have caused around 300 deaths. Two years ago, we were horrified at more than 20 000 flu deaths in Germany.

And yet, no stringent preventive measures were implemented at all, and this was correct and reasonable.

Because our healthy system is equipped to deal with such emergencies, and we have good doctors and helpers that immediately stand up to master such situations. There is no reason to panic.

Now imagine that COVID-19 will and has actually already been exposed as a virus with perhaps somewhat but never ever extremely higher deadly potency than everyday Corona viruses:

Then, dear fellow citizens – incredible but true – the framework for all preventive measures instantly collapses like a house of cards.

My third question relates to the spread of the virus in general, healthy population. We urgently need to know whether the virus has already spread to the general population. Because, should this be the case, any attempts to halt its further spread would obviously be senseless.

My question to the Chancellor: Has any attempt been initiated to answer this question? Dear fellow citizens, a representative investigation of our community could be performed within 1 or 2 weeks – and we would then know…

My fourth question relates to the true mortality rates of the virus with special reference to Italy and Spain.

In my conviction, the terrible error made in the entire world is that whenever the virus is detected in a deceased, it is automatically assigned as the cause of death and enters the awful list of the Corona-dead.

This violates a basic principle in medicine: it simply must be established that a patient dies because of and not simply with a virus. This is explicitly stated in the German medical guidelines which are however not heeded in the cases of COVID-19.

Dr. Bhakdi: Extreme measures violate human rights, prevents herd immunity:  Hence, my question is: Has Germany simply followed the global trend of unscientifically categorizing and defining COVID-related deaths?

And does Germany intend to continue breaking the established rules? How, them, can you ever hope to differentiate between virus as the cause of death and virus accidentally present at death.

My last question queries the comparability of the situation in Italy and Germany.

Because: the terrible reports from Italy – and in these days also from Spain – are frequently extrapolated to warn of the possible, similar situation that threatens this country.

However, the true significance of COVID-19 in Italy can simply not be assessed.

In addition to the problems we have addressed above, additional factors such as horrific air pollution in North Italy and the ailing Italian health system may be playing unpredictable roles.

And now, dear fellow citizens, I submit a new thought for your consideration. We know that the virus is extremely infectious. Reflect: The virus has probably already spread far beyond your estimates.

It may be representing in a considerable part of the healthy Italian, Spanish and also German population.

How probable is it that when bed-ridden elderly patients are visited by their beloved and friends, the virus is passed on to them – as are other everyday Coronaviruses?

When, then the patients enter the hospital, the virus is immediately detected. Or if they succumb to their true disease at home the virus is sought and found post-mortem.

A trivial event, but with indescribable consequence because of false interpretation. I say once again: the simply and trivial presence of the virus must never ever qualify to enter the register of COVID-deaths.

My dear fellow citizens, the reports from Italy, as sad and depressing as they are, cannot and must not become the basis for our own measures in Germany.


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is one of the most cited scientists in the history of Germany. Sadly, he is not a billionaire oligarch like Bill Gates, whose friends own the mainstream media. If he was, the West would have heard his voice loud and clear.


Thus, my last question to the Chancellor: What efforts are being made to inform our society about these basic differences between the situations in Italy and Germany? And to tell our people that they need to have no fear that a similar scenario threatens this country?

My dear fellow citizens. It is my sole intent to draw dawn the heated discussion to a sensible basis so that the situation can hopefully soon return to the desperately needed normality.

I do not stand alone. Many of my colleagues in this country have openly voiced similar opinion. And one of the most renowned and acknowledged experts in the field in Stanford, Prof. Ioannidis, has done the same.

The most important question to be immediately answered is: Can the present implementation of measures that curtail essential elements of human rights be legally justified?

Fellow citizens: Erroneous beliefs in medicine have caused indescribable suffering to countless inhabitants on this earth.

Robert Koch opened the door to modern medicine when he demonstrated that a specific disease – tuberculosis – had a specific cause: the bacterium.

Since then, scientifically based knowledge has continued to replace belief in medicine.

Let us strive to follow in the path of progress and assemble knowledge and truth in a collective effort to master this terrible crisis.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi


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