Self-Determination in Europe denied: Herland Report TV host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores

TV interview: Self-Determination for Europeans in Europe denied


Herland Report: Self-Determination in Europe denied: Herland Report TV host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores about discrimination of Europeans as the indigenous people in Europe.

Joaquin FLores Self-Determination in Europe denied:The TV program also addresses the wave of illegal immigration into Europe, racism and the EU leadership’s demonization of patriotism. Watch it here.

Why are we fighting for the right to self-determination for indigenous groups everywhere, but when it comes to Europe they are told to shut up?

“In Europe, the indigenous population has, the past decades, been led by the EU which does not fight for the European’s right to self-determination in their own lands.”

Why the massive discrimination of Europe’s indigenous population, the Europeans?

The situation is very different in the United States, as the Indian groups and others were indigenous prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

In Europe, the indigenous population has, the past decades, been led by the EU which does not fight for the European’s right to self-determination in their own lands.

This is one of the main reasons for Brexit and the massive reactions within the EU against its current leadership.

The Herland Report has several TV programs with Fort Russ News editor-in-chief, Joaquin Flores: How to create revolutions, the Kosovo-Serbia war, Syria and Libya. In this TV program, he analyses the European situation in light of the globalist attempt to quench self-determination in nation states.

Watch them here. Program 1 on how to start a revolution, program 2 on how to create war Syria, program 3 on Yugoslavia, Serbia, Ukraine and program 4 about Europe.

“What is unique about Europe is that Europeans are indigenous to Europe. We often put the United States in the same category as the West, Western Europe, the NATO sphere. But Europeans are the indigenous people of Europe,” says Joaquin Flores, political scientist, graduate from California State University, accomplished journalist, editor-in-chief of Fort Russ News and director for Center for Syncretic Studies in Belgrade.


Joaquin Flores Self-Determination in Europe denied:
Self-Determination in Europe denied: Hanne Nabintu Herland is a bestselling historian of religions and bestselling author. She is the founder and host of The Herland Report Scandinavian news site, TV channel on YouTube and Podcasts which have millions of readers/viewers yearly. This is a great place to watch interviews with leading intellectuals, thought leaders, authors and activists from across the political spectrum – free from political correctness.


Joaquin Flores: Self-Determination in Europe denied: “”So, when we look at the lessons learned from World War II, the Geneva Convention and the main principles of the UN, the right determination of peoples is central. But not for the Europeans.”

“These rights stem from the academics associated with the Social Democratic Left. But, the Left did not want to challenge the fundamental essence of centralization of capital accumulation, and instead began to focus on culture identity.”

“These are all distractions, as the media is controlled by a small number of people.”

“It is the banking institutions which control most of our lives whether you’re a worker or a small business owner or an educator. The banks and the trust’s and institutions from the financial sector are controlling Europeans’ lives.”




Joaquin Flores: “What has happened is that in the quest to justify the cultural identity of others, a very strange dance of satiating the guilt of Europeans for the crimes of the Europeans of the past, that no one living in Europe today was a part of, is transmitted and bestowed upon contemporary modern Europeans.”

“And for those reasons, people from the developing world should move to Europe, and they should colonize Europe, and they should basically bring their culture into Europe. Not assimilate.”

“They are encouraged not to become Europeans, but to keep their own culture.”

“Non-Western immigrants are encouraged not to imbibe or internalize the values of pluralism and civil society, the values traditional to the Europeans.”

“Instead the suggestion is for the immigrant to create – really and it is sad, ghettos. And the ghettos are growing, meaning people are secluding themselves. And this whole development is forbidden to talk about.”

Joaquin Flores: “They don’t want to integrate. So, despite many different efforts the French government, the German government, many European governments have tried integration to teach language, to teach history, instead people defer to their own communities. So, something unnatural is happening and it is also quite different from the United States.”

“If we apply the idea that the people of China have the right to determine historical outcome of China, insofar as it doesn’t impinge upon the rights of Indians or Afghanis, that this is a good thing.”

“Suddenly this is a hate crime. Suddenly you are a right-wing populist, maybe even an ultra-nationalist simply for saying that in France, people should be French. That’s not a racial category. This is a cultural category.”

“You would not have a migrant crisis, you wouldn’t have a refugee crisis into Europe and mass migration if it wasn’t for these multinational globalist companies that are literally destroying these groups that come too.”

Self-Determination in Europe denied: “They are creating a media hologram for the non-Western immigrants, of the seductive life of the glam and glitter of the iPhone, of modernity, of technology, of the big city and the big neon lights.”

“This is a siren song that’s drawing people in from distant parts of the world that are also losing their culture. Poverty is being developed out of imperialism and colonialism.”

“There’s a guilt complex both in the United States and in Europe, but I think the difference is that in Europe, Europeans have the right to assert that this is Europe.”


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