Sweden was right about Covid, has lowest mortality rate in the EU Skavlan

Sweden was right about Covid all along, has lowest mortality rate in the EU


Sweden’s excess mortality during the pandemic is the lowest in the EU and the Nordics, according to new calculations from Statistics Norway.

Sweden was right about Covid: Anders Tegnell, the hero for lockdown sceptics worldwide, was the state epidemiologist in Sweden between 2013 and 2022 who refused to lockdown Sweden.

He was harassed by the mainstream media throughout the Covid-19 duration, deemed incompetent and called all kinds of names. Norway and Denmark, who chose full lockdown and kept much of the same Covid narrative, were exceptionally harsh on Sweden for its refusal to lockdown.

Tegnell said all along that he could not support a public health intervention that had not been proven to work. As it turns out, Tegnell was right, which is hardly even mentioned in the media of the countries that criticized Sweden so much back then.

Sweden has the lowest mortality rate in the EU and chose to keep the country open throughout the pandemic.



Sweden was right about Covid: The Telegraph writes:

“Tegnell also made another point: that he didn’t claim to be right. It would take years, he’d argue, to see who had jumped the right way. His calculation was that, on a whole-society basis, the collateral damage of lockdowns would outweigh what good they do. But you’d only know if this was so after a few years. You’d have to look at cancer diagnosis, hospital waiting lists, educational damage and, yes, count the Covid dead.

The problem with lockdowns is that no one looks at whole-society pictures. Professor Neil Ferguson’s team from Imperial College London admitted this, once, as a breezy aside. “We do not consider the wider social and economic costs of suppression,” they wrote in a supposed assessment of lockdown, “which will be high.” But just how high? And were they a price worth paying?”




Covid death tolls for Sweden is 1,614 per million, in Britain it is as high as 2,335.

Norway simply halted and stopped the counting of Covid deaths, and thereby avoid the embarrassment of having lost in the competition with Sweden as the country chose heavy lockdowns and measures similar to the UK.

Sweden’s GDP fell by 2.9 per cent in 2020, while Britain’s collapsed by 9.4 per cent, extra UK debt £8,400 per head, only £3,000 for Swedes.

Swedish schools kept a steady pace with no home schooling, no face masks throughout. Only sixth grade and under graduates did home learning.


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