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Eva Bartlett on propaganda from mainstream media on Aleppo


Journalist Eva Bartlett who traveled extensively in Syria speaks at the UN about the reasons behind the Western propaganda war on Aleppo, as if its liberation from jihadist control is a true tragedy.

Bartlett explains why Western media heavily support Al Qaida affiliated and Saudi backed jihadists in Eastern Aleppo, now lamenting that over 100 000 civilians the past few days are escaping the “captivity” under jihadists, marching by the thousands out of the Western backed jihadist held part of East Aleppo.

She explains the reasons behind the Western propaganda war on Syria – Aleppo, stating that the Western aim is regime change at any cost.

Regardless of what the Syrian people want or regardless of how much suffering and death they experience, Western leaders are bent on using any jihadist group in order to achieve their goal, – including pushing massive propaganda in Western media.

Upon asked by Norwegian journalist Ronneberg from Aftenposten why she discredits “the international organizations” on the ground in Eastern Aleppo and their reporting on atrocities and killings, she turns around and asks him which ones he is referring to:

“Tell me which ones are on the ground in Eastern Aleppo?” Ronneberg is rendered speechless and cannot name a single one.


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Bartlett tells him that the international organizations are basing their information on Syrian Observatory of Human Rights – which all must know by now is composed of a one-man-show, one single guy based in a house in Coventry in England.

They also rely on the White Helmets. Bartlett explains how no one in Eastern Aleppo have ever seen them there – around 100 000 civilians have been able to flee from the previously held, Western supported jihadist neighborhoods in Aleppo the past days.

White Helmets have notoriously been known for “saving” the same child again and again in different settings, are photographed with al Nusra soldiers, with weapons and standing on the bodies of death Syrian army soldiers and so on.

Upon asked by Ronneberg for documentation or surveys that show that the Syrian people actually support Assad, she refers to the past election in which he recieved over 80 % of the votes, of which the Norwegian journalist apparently knew nothing. Watch the interview here.


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