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3 billion Covid-19 shots administered, need of 11 billion or more doses – imagine the revenue!


Herland Report: Covid-19 shots: As the Western world is being vaccinated with not properly tested Covid-19 vaccines, 3 billion shots now administered, ‘world vaccine and health expert,’ Bill Gates and other vaccine owners are set to earn billions.

The effort towards vaccinating those from poor and developing countries is also under way, mainly thanks to the Covax mechanism: WHO, the GAVI alliance and the CEPI coalition, writes the BBC.  Through CEPI, the current Norwegian government have been allied with the now divorcing Bill Gates, Norway funding billions into vaccine programs.

In order to gain some understanding of who funds what and who gains billions from the vaccination programs, for example Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are in controlling positions in many of the companies that are administering the government funding of these vaccines, according to,

He points out that CEPI defines itself as «an innovative global partnership between public, private, philanthropic, and civil society organisations.» CEPI was founded in Davos by the Norwegian and Indian government, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and World Economic Forum.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, defines its central partners as «the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation». The Global Fund’ most important partner in the private sector is Chevron, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft etc. and was founded by, again, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In short, Bill Gates – now separated from Melinda Gates – is set to earn new billions on the vaccine programs that are now inoculating the world. Read more about this below.


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Covid-19 shots: Market Watch: The number of doses of vaccines against the coronavirus-borne illness COVID-19 that have been administered globally rose above 3 billion on Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins University, although distribution remains highly unequal between the developed and developing worlds.




Covid-19 shots: The number is not nearly what’s needed. Tt will require 11 billion doses to inoculate 70% of the world’s population of about 7 billion people, according to researchers at Duke University cited by the New York Times recently.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine tracker is showing that 154.2 million people, equal to 46.4% of the population, are fully vaccinated, meaning they have had two shots of the vaccines.

These are developed by Pfizer PFE, +0.15% with German partner BioNTech BNTX, -1.83% or Moderna MRNA, +0.22% or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson JNJ, +0.43% one-jab regimen.

The AstraZeneca AZN, -0.47% AZN, +0.22% vaccine has not been authorized for use in the U.S.

Among adults 18 and older, 57.2% are fully inoculated, while 66.2% of that group has received at least one dose.




Covid-19 shots: Also check out these topics at CNN or FOX News. Other sources may be New York TimesUSA Today, the Washington Post or from the British angle, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph or Financial Times.

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