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Boris Johnson Moment: Long Live Conservative Great Britain!

jpg boris johnson majority 2019

  Herland Report:  The historic UK election with Boris Johnson Churchillian moment said to set the standard for many years to come, gave the Conservatives a massive victory. The British people voted Brexit years ago. This is the second time they vote on the same matter. We wrote: The power struggle between the EU globalists and the British people over …

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UK Remembrance Sunday 2019 of the Millions Dead fighting in the World Wars

Queen Elisabeth Remembrance day 2019 BBC

  Herland Report:  Politicians, Royal Family members and veterans are commemorating those who lost their lives in conflict as the UK marks Remembrance Sunday. At 11:00 GMT, a two-minute silence was held across the UK on Remembrance Sunday 2019, writes the BBC. Remembrance Sunday is held in the United Kingdom as a day “to commemorate the contribution of British and …

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Boris Johnson Brexit success?


  Herland Report: Most UK firms support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal in what could be Johnson’s moment in redefining British politics. For long, the threat of Parliament stopping Brexit – the will of the people – has angered many in the British public. It has become a quest for democracy in Britain – or the end of it. The central …

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Brexit stopped by Supreme Court, Paul C. Roberts

Brexit spiked Herland Report Paul C Roberts

When the British people voted Brexit from the European Union, I said in many interviews, and I suppose also in written columns, that I doubted it would ever happen.  It has been three years, and it has not.   [pullquote]Washington expressed its view to the UK government that it was not in Washington’s interest for the UK to exit the EU. In other …

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The Sergei Skripal and the new Novichok Affair: Simply No Proof

The Sergei Skripal and the new Novichok Affair: Simply No Proof. Huffington Post.

  Herland Report: The Brits have not solved the Sergei Skripal case. There was massive media coverage over Russia as the culprit, but no proof presented as of yet. The Skripals are by now out of the hospital, but conveniently blocked off from the public. Boris Johnson resigned, yet no one knows what really happened.  Before the World Cup, UK …

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Manufacturing Chemical Consent in Syria? #Skripal #Ghouta


  Herland Report: We have for long stated that accusations of chemical attacks would probably be launched from rebels in Syria some time soon in order to provoke an escalation in Western involvement in Syria. Now it happened as expected in Douma, East Ghouta on April 7th, 2018. Yet, reports from the ground state that the “chemical attack” is fake …

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The Skripal Circus: Read the Russian Embassy in London’s unanswered questions

The Skripal Circus: Herland Report

  Ludwig Watzal: The West is doing everything to fabricate a cause of war against or to isolate Russia further internationally. So far, ‚Novichok‘ rests on rumors. The affair was made up the British and the French intelligence agencies without having presented any evidence, writes editor Dr. Ludwig Watzal on The Herland Report, first published here. He runs the bilingual blog “Between the …

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The Sergei Skripal Circus is British Comedy

Sergei Skripal

  Herland Report: Frankly, the current British effort to slam Russia is turning into a comedy. The British should return to their roots and search for better script writers than in the current Skripal Circus case.  After all, only 24 % of the British believe in the mainstream media, two-thirds among Americans believe that mainstream media is full of fake news.   …

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Skripal poisoning only beneficial to Britain?

Sergei Skripal Case, Herland Report

  Herland Report: Judging by the speed and determination with which Theresa May accused Russia and declared an ultimatum after the former spy, Sergei Skripal and his daughter allegedly were poisoned, say that this scandal is necessary for Britain, and to someone behind the scenes. The death of Skripal has no value to Russia, it is argued, the man was …

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On BREXIT: EU is unpopular because it does not speak for the people

Getty boris Johnson Politico Herland Report

  Herland Report: The EU is unpopular because it does not speak for the people. The EU will be the only loser if it plays games over Britain’s departure, writes Marcus Krall at The Spectator. The EU is unpopular in so much of Europe precisely because it does not speak for the people it purports to represent. “If you have 10 …

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