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To Remind: One Month Into Trump’s Presidency I Wrote His Presidency’s Obituary and Predicted What Was to Follow

Trump's Presidency: Requiem For Donald Trump: Herland Report AFP

  To remind: One month into Trump’s presidency (Febr.17, 2017) I wrote his presidency’s obituary and predicted what was to follow. Americans are faced with a Satanic threat against truth, and thereby liberty and morality, that they do not understand: Trump’s Presidency: Has Donald Trump overestimated his presidential power? The answer is yes. Is Steve Bannon, Trump’s main advisor, politically …

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Horrible national security nightmare: Hunter Biden’s laptop

National security nightmare of Hunter Biden's laptop Hunter-Biden-AP Herland Report

  Herland Report: The past week was notorious for the Hunter Biden laptop story which broke at New York Post. Twitter then banned the story, deleted the New York Post tweet, with national uproar over the allegations that Twitter and the mainstream media is protecting Hunter Biden. Daily Mail reports on the Hunter Biden laptop content that the US mainstream …

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