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Billionaire Bill Gates, who pushed for total economic lockdown, now says Covid-19 was “like an influenza”

The coming hypothetical Disease X: Bill Gates dislikes Africa population growth: World Economic Forum

  Covid-19 was like an influenza: Bill Gates, who dramatically pushed for lockdowns of every possible Western region, later admitted in an interview by CNN host and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria – having earned billions on the Covid-19 crisis and its lockdowns – that Covid-19 ended up being “like an influenza”. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated …

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With puppet bureaucrat politicians, the super-rich class controls everything now

The coming hypothetical Disease X: Bill Gates dislikes Africa population growth: World Economic Forum

  Herland Report: The super-rich control everything: In the current U.S. political system, whoever is richest with the largest capital base seems to rule the nation, whichever motive drives him. His group buys the newspapers and thereby controls its content, manufacturing any desired consent, as Noam Chomsky would have put it. The careers of journalists and editors are dependent on …

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Raging anger from India: Arrest Bill Gates for “ruthless and immoral” vaccines!

Bill Gates Vaccine Empire: Herland Report Getty

  Herland Report: Raging anger from India: Arrest Bill Gates: Bill Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans, writes Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. Kennedy is an American environmental attorney, author, and opponent of vaccination. Kennedy is …

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“The Arab spring” became utter failure – Gerald Steinberg

Gerald Steinberg, Herland Report

  Herland Report TV: Hanne Herland speaks to Dr. Gerald Steinberg about the failures of the Arab spring. “It is a huge mistake to think that whatever your Western country went through a hundred years ago, is the same process that is taking place in Egypt, Syria or Iraq,” says Dr. Gerald Steinberg, political scientist and professor at Bar-Ilan University …

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Norge finansierer Syria milits forkledd som bistand – Eva Thomassen

Norge finansierer Syria milits: Reuters

  Norge finansierer Syria milits: I dette intervjuet med krigsreporter og sosiolog, Eva Thomassen, forteller hun fra sin siste Syria reise.  “Tenk over hva vi egentlig driver med i Midtøsten. 500 millioner dollar brukte USA på å trene terrorister til å bli enda bedre trent, enda dyktige i å slåss mot den syriske hæren,” sier Thomassen. Se et av Herland …

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Intervju med Eva Thomassen, Norges eneste krigsreporter i Syria i flere år


  Intervju med Eva Thomassen, Herland Report har den store glede å publisere et eksklusivt intervju med sosiolog og krigsreporter, Eva Thomassen, som har unikt innsyn i det som skjer på bakken i Syria. Det er ikke mindre enn usedvanlig imponerende at Norge er blant de få nasjoner i verden som har sine egne krigsreportere på bakken i Syria, og …

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Faktafeil fra Tore Bergsaker Faktisk om Syria, Eva Thomassen

Faktafeil fra Faktisk om Syria, Norge og Al Qaida:

  Herland Report: Faktafeil fra Faktisk om Syria, Norge og Al Qaida: Med Tore Bergsaker artikkel viser Faktisk, som eies av de ledende medier, at de tjener deres politiske interesser gjennom støtte til den ensidige fremstillingen av konflikten i Syria. Bergsaker serverer faktafeil etter faktafeil i VG analysen av sosiolog og krigsreporter Eva Thomassens arbeid. Man delegitimerer hele Faktisk prosjektets …

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Norwegian aid in Syria for al-Qaeda groups? Eva Thomassen

Norwegian aid in Syria Eva Thomassen Norwegian NGO Herland Report

  Norwegian aid in Syria: At The Herland Report, we strive to acquire knowledge about all sides in a conflict. What has frustrated many in the West is the coverage of the Syria war in the mainstream media. Many feel that only one part of the conflict is covered, and that we are not given a full overview. This is, …

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