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Massive cyberattack on US key government systems and electricity grids

Total destruction of sovereign nations:US Economy Destroyed: Does Western Civilization Have a Future New York turning into Hellhole as Residents flee the Democrat run City, Herland Report

  Herland Report: Top US envoy says hack was ‘very significant effort’; Microsoft says roughly 80% of affected customers are in US. Microsoft said late Thursday that it had notified more than 40 customers hit by the malware, which security experts say could allow attackers unfettered network access to key government systems and electric power grids and other utilities, reports …

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The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen, writes Paul Craig Roberts

2021 predictions from an expert on Russia, China Paul Craig Roberts on the beach with Hanne Herland

  Herland Report: I have read enough of the fraud reports, affidavits, and statements from election security and forensic experts to be comfortable in my conclusion that the election was stolen. But I am not confident that anything will be done about the fradulent election. The American elite no longer believe in democracy. Consider, for example, the World Economic Forum’s Great …

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The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet?

Covid and Donald Trump: The Truth about Trump: The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet? CNN, Herland Report

  Herland Report: The Coup That Deposed a President, or not yet? Like an old truck, the US political system has lumbered down an uneven road for many years but the mileage on the clock is beginning to show. No longer a Constitutional Republic — and certainly not a “democracy” — the cracks in the system appeared long ago, and …

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The West Has Thrown Itself Into the Waste Basket of History

Lack of Morality creates Downfall: Black Lives Matter

  Herland Report: If courts uphold election laws, the vote fraud in the swing states will be overturned, and Trump will be declared the winner.  There is no doubt about the vote fraud. Proof of Vote Fraud is Piling Up Rapidly. The question is whether Trump in the face of media hostility, Antifa/BLM violence, and weak-kneed Republicans will have the support …

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Tenk om Navalnyj hadde vært Trump, hadde han vært like hatet? Bjørn Nistad skriver

Business-SOTU Trump State of the Union:

  Herland Report: USA befinner seg i den dypeste politiske og sosiale krise siden borgerkrigen på 1860-tallet. Årets presidentvalg vil trolig ende i Høyesterett. Voldelige sammenstøt virker sannsynlig. Hvem som har skylden, og hvem som opptrer uansvarlig, kan diskuteres. Våre politikere og massemedier fremstiller Donald Trump som en skurk som truer demokratiet. Er det så åpenbart som de vil ha …

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Peace between Israel and Arab nations: Bahrain-Israel diplomatic relations

Peace between Israel and Arab nations: Bahrain-Israel diplomatic relations: Herland Report AFP

  Herland Report: Peace between Israel and Arab nations: One would assume that peace agreements between countries in the Middle East would be celebrated and addressed forefront in the European media, but not quite so. The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee found no reason to give President Donald Trump the Prize; who has been three times nominated this year for …

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Dems try to shut down Christianity, Trump shows different attitude

America is finished says Glenn Beck: Trump indictment, end of PetroDollar marks end of American Hegemony Herland Report Getty

  Herland Report: Last week, I wrote about President Trump walking across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to inspect the damages from riots at the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church in June, 2020. At the time, he was photographed holding a Bible. The mainstream media could not stop mocking his choice to hold onto that Bible. But why did Trump …

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To what degree is Corona a world war trade conflict with China?

West Lost Dominant Position U.S. must approach China with humility: AP

  Herland Report: Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, published a letter on March 26, 2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine. [pullquote]Oligarch billionaire and one of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates, was extremely eager, as we all remember, in the push for the economic shutdown the West. And …

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Erdogan Islamism tightens at the expense of Christianity in Turkey: Hagia Sophia

The origins of Human Rights is Christian theology: Hanne Nabintu Herland at Hagia Sophia, Ayia Sophia, Herland Report

  Herland Report: Exclusive: Hanne Nabintu Herland explains implications of turning historic church into a mosque. The iconic, historic monument Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, now has been turned into a mosque, reflecting the Islamist intolerance for religious plurality in the Middle East. Hagia Sophia was a centerpiece of Orthodox Christianity, which dominated the Middle East before the Islamic Conquest …

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Se intervjuet om “New Left Tyranny” med Iben Thranholm – Hanne Nabintu

IHerland Report: Religion motivates people to love one another in a way that secularism cannot: ben Thranholm New Left TYranny Hanne Herland

  Herland Report: Se intervjuet med “Iben Thranholm Talk” der jeg snakker om min siste bok som er ute i USA og i 60 land internasjonalt, “New Left Tyranny”. Boken fremlegger analysen av koblingen mellom den nåværende sosialistiske venstresiden i USA og grovkapitalistene som nå styrer så mye av politikken gjør det mulig i Vesten å ta kontrollen over demokratiet. …

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Book The Billionaire World Hanne Nabintu Herland How Marxism Serves the Elite