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The American Drug Mafia have a new Enemy Godfather in Donald Trump


What we found to be the most remarkable trait in President Trump’s TV address to the nation from the Oval Office, escalating a stand-off with Congress that has led to an 18-day partial government shutdown, is the attack on the current billion dollar Drug Lords in America.

They appear to use the illegal immigration flow into the US from its Southern Border in order to import narcotics illegally into the US. The 1930’s Chicago controlling Mafia seem completely innocent compared to the drug cartels that run this business in the USA today.

In the early 1950’s, when narcotics became the new industry, the Italian Mafia and others refused to “sell to children and close to schools”. Yet, the business soon boomed everywhere as many earned millions and forgot all about the children.

As the President pointed out, the illegal drug trade is a wide and national epidemic today. Somebody high up profits by the billions.

The American Drug Mafia of today certainly have found a stern New Godfather in President Trump who seem bent on crushing their Empires.


Who profits from the drug industry?


Since the 1960’s, the drug industry has exploded in the West, Afghanistan alone counting for over 90 % of the production of heroin. Afghanistan is controlled by the Americans. The heroin production exploded after US takeover, as everyone knows.

“30 years too late” comes a President who wants to deal with today’s American drug lords – the families behind the billion dollar narcotics industry in the West. This is but one of the topics addressed by President Trump.


Who profits from wages dropping?


Another element mentioned, that the media conveniently ignores, is the long-term effects of illegal immigration driving the wages down in the US.

Who would profit from wages dropping further? Who is really fighting for illegal immigration to flood the US work force market? Follow the money. 62 persons now own more than 50 % of world assets.

American roads, airports, schools and inner cities look like a Third World country, noticeably for those of us visiting the US from abroad.

The rampant deterioration is remarkable to watch, while the rest of the world is rising in economic power. Naturally a President should do something about the sad state of American affairs.


Who owns the American media?


So, who is the President really fighting? It has been a part of his program since he first took office to end the tax havens and other lucrative tax evasive systems used by the top US corporations, of which many do not pay taxes in the US.

The irony, of course, being that the mainstream media – where over 90 % is owned by only 6 corporations in America – so ferociously fight the President. We wonder why.

The full frenzy in the mainstream media with “fact checking” (the Liberal media’s new international word for censorship of those who go against the Liberal Globalist agenda) speaks for itself.



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