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Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Why suppress discussing Covid vaccines may produce sterilization, heart failure?

Dr. Roger Hodkinson on dangers of Covid vaccines

  Herland Report: It is worth revisiting Dr. Roger Hodkinson’s interview with former BBC reporter, Anna Brees about what he deems as the grave dangers connected to the current not properly tested Covid vaccines. In question is the body’s reaction to the spike protein introduced by the current vaccines that may produce sterilization, heart failure and the much spoken of blood …

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Dr. Knut Wittkowski dire warning against lockdowns

The Nouriel Roubini warning: Herland Report

  Herland Report: Dr. Knut Wittkowski, Rockefeller University New York, was one of the many scientists who warned with passion against the lockdown policies back in 2020. He said that the isolation policies could result in more deaths in the long term, as lockdown prolongs efforts in developing herd immunity among the population. His argument was that developing so-called herd immunity …

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