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Notre Dame 1000 churches vandalized in France 2018

Notre Dame 1000 churches vandalized in France 2018:

  Mystery still surrounds the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the very symbol for France’s Christian heritage. Even before the fire was extinguished, French authorities stated that the Notre Dame fire was a “mistake due to renovation.” How did they already know? Paris’ Church of St. Sulpice burned just a few days earlier, on Sunday, March 17, set …

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Prince Charles Moving Speech on horrifying Christian Persecution

Prince Charles Moving Speech on the horrifying Christian Persecution Herland Report

  Herland Report: Prince Charles has again spoken out about the persecution Christians world wide, as he did last year at Easter. He also addressed the Christchurch mosque terror attack and spoke about forgiveness as a healing power. To many who have addressed this issue for many years, seemingly to no avail as the mainstream media has given little attention …

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