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China in double digit growth while the West is in double digit Corona Recession


Herland Report: China in double digit growth while the West is in double digit Corona Recession: Recovery from Covid-19 seems to be distant in the whole world except for China. While China has a double digit growth, the West is in double digit recession.

Chile and Sweden are the only two countries that are not in recession but coming close. The rest of the world is already heavy into an economic downturn.

That’s what happens when you close down the entire economy in combating a virus. China only closed down one city – Wuhan – and the province around it, Hubei and reopened it back in April. Since then, business as usual in China, while the West is combating politicians that seem to wish for the end of the middle class in their own countries.

China was smarter than the West, only closing down its epicenter. Political authorities in the West actually hurried to stop the economic growth in their own nations, as the preferred method to stop a pandemic.

Not lack of supply or demand halted growth, but political decisions. We are consequently facing the financial meltdown of a century by political choice.

“Among the 34 economies with a nominal GDP greater than $200 billion that had reported real GDP data by Sept. 2, 31 were in recession, while two countries — Chile and Sweden — were one quarter away from one. Only China, the world’s second-largest economy, saw real GDP expand in the second quarter,” reports S&P Global.


China in double digit growth while the West is in double digit Corona Recession:, S%P Global
China in double digit growth while the West is in double digit Corona Recession:  As Sweden and Chile are the only two countries not yet in recession, China is not facing recession risks, according to S&P Global.


China in double digit growth while the West is in double digit Corona Recession: “The COVID-19 pandemic crisis combines the worst characteristics of previous crises,” the World Bank said, adding 2020 global GDP is expected to plunge at a pace 3x bigger than that in the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. China, the first country to report a COVID-19 outbreak, returned to economic growth in the second quarter, fueling optimism about a global rebound from the impact of the pandemic.”




The UK seems to be the hardest hit, as S&P reports: “The pandemic’s second-quarter economic damage was the most pronounced in the U.K. among Group of 7 economic powers and major European countries. Britain fell into its first recession since the global financial crisis in the three months to June, leaving its economy 22.1% smaller than at the end of 2019.”

The WHO reporting pr. March 10 to European leaders predicted millions of dead from coronavirus in Europe alone.

The Imperial Report did the same, Bill Gates was overly eager to push massive economic shutdown. As it turns out, they were wrong. Millions did not die. It was not the pandemic of a century, but rather the economic disruption of a century.

China in double digit growth while the West is in double digit Corona Recession:  China is now world leader, spearheading how everyone handles pandemic crisis. What the Marxist-Leninist President of the People’s Republic, Xi Jinping does, we all follow and implement.

Nobody seems to have noticed that China mainly closed down one city, Wuhan and its province, Hubei.

5 million Wuhan inhabitants were in addition allowed to leave before the city closed and traveled elsewhere in China, which leaves 6 million in lockdown Wuhan.

By March 14, most of the Hubei areas were to resume work and production. That means a lock down for approximately four weeks in most of Hubei? Other areas were, of course also affected, national borders and so on.

The point being, that China only closed down epicenter areas, but the West closed down whole nations, counties, towns, municipalities, everywhere even if no virus was to be seen in the area.

This has severely impacted the economy on a level that may be far worse than China.


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