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Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria? Eva Thomassen

Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria? Eastern Ghouta battlefield

  Herland Report: The Norwegian journalist, Amal A. Wahab serves as a classic example of the propaganda-support for terrorist groups in Syria that keeps the West from getting a balanced look at the international geopolitical power play in the region.  Eva Thomassen asks in this article why, in her view, Western journalists like Amal Wahab so openly writes articles in …

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Amal Wahab støtte til terrorister i Syria? Eva Thomassen

  Amal Wahab støtte til terrorister i Syria? Journalist i Klassekampen, Amal Wahab er et klassisk eksempel på den type propagandajournalistikk som gjør at den vestlige befolkningen ikke får et nyansert bilde av Syria krigen. Den skandaløse vestlige støtten til terroristgrupper preger aktivt vestlig strategi med USA i spissen, til tross for den omfattende dokumentasjonen som viser at det er …

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Saudi Arabia Ambassador, Carl Schiøtz Wibye: Wahhabism Responsible for Extremism


  Herland Report: Norway’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl Schiøtz Wibye, analyses the Saudi Arabian Wahhabism as a sect, a sunni-extremist deviation within Islam that today is causing problems. He explains how oil money has been fuelled into exporting radical ideology, that in many aspects breaks off from traditional Islam. He states that these Wahhabi-extremist trends first permeated the …

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