Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria? Eastern Ghouta battlefield

Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria? Eva Thomassen


Herland Report: The Norwegian journalist, Amal A. Wahab serves as a classic example of the propaganda-support for terrorist groups in Syria that keeps the West from getting a balanced look at the international geopolitical power play in the region. 

Eva Thomassen asks in this article why, in her view, Western journalists like Amal Wahab so openly writes articles in support for terrorists in Syria.

We shall examine her work in this article as an example case of how journalists serves the US military interests in the Middle East in the way they cover wars.

As we repeatedly have pointed out at The Herland Report, after years of using the mainstream media as a propaganda tool for the ultra rich US elites’ geopolitical agenda – which everyone knows is the strategy by now – it would better serve the case at this point to return to some honesty:

Western countries such as Norway and the U.S. should admit that the previous Western ideal of respect for sovereign nations now is no longer valid, that their presence in Syria is illegal and violates international law.

It is better to acknowledge that the motive is to oust the Iran-friendly Assad, gain American control over the Syria’s oil reserves and tear the country apart to weaken Iran’s influence in the region. They should also admit the willingness to sacrifice the lives of millions of Syrians in order to achieve this geopolitical goal.

No one is disputing that these conflicts are complicated, it is the hypocrisy of Western Idealism, pretending to bring peace, that should end.

Read below, sociologist Eva Thomassen’s analysis on Syria. (Feature photo: Eastern Ghouta, Kashmir Reader) Herland Report TV program teaser with Eva Thomassen here, watch interview in English here, in Norwegian here and here.  



Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?
Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  Journalist Amal A. Wahab receives sharp criticism for her chronically biased work, in support of terrorists and foreign fighters in Syria. Thomassen sheds light on some of the other facts that never gets reported on.


Klassekampen’s pro-US Military Complex reporting on Eastern Ghouta


Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  The scandalous Western support of terrorist groups actively influences the U.S.-led Western strategy, despite the extensive evidence that shows that those receiving support are terrorist groups.

The role of the journalist seems to be to gloss over important facts that could paint a more nuanced picture of the situation.




In Klassekampen, journalist Amal Wahab cites “a source” saying that civilians do not dare to flee from Eastern Ghouta for fear of being killed by government forces.

Let’s take a closer look at this claim and the classic dictatorial language that is so characteristic of Wahab’s and so many other Western journalists’ propaganda language in support of varying militia groups in the Middle East.

We will then look at some of the information about Ghouta—parts that the media is notoriously leaving out when describing the situation in East Ghouta.

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Amal A. Wahab’s 9 sources


Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  Following the censoring trend among Western journalists to demand strict politically correct conformity, where their role increasingly seems to be to corroborate the politically correct narrative, Amal A. Wahab tells us that a “regime plane” (she refers to an aircraft of the legally-elected government in Syria.

In the last election, Assad received 88% of the country’s vote) backed by Russian warplanes carried out relentless bombing in Eastern Ghouta.

Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?
Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  One of Amal Wahab’s articles, chronically filled with political correctness, writing to support the terrorist groups in Syria.


Using Syrian Observatory of Human Rights  (SOHR) as a source, she goes on to write that “the regime’s ground forces control a third of Eastern Ghouta”.

(Let me assert that there cannot possibly be any journalists out there that are still unaware of the fact that SOHR is just one single man sitting in his flat in Coventry, England. A man who, since the outset of the war, has been cited by nearly every Western newspaper as having witnessed the truth of what goes on inside of Syria. Wahab cites this man as a source of information which it could be argued that she has never critically analysed.)

She further writes that the rebels (note her choice not to use the word “terrorists”. When Wahab mentioned the Brussels terror attacks, the groups were said to be terrorists.

When they are in Syria and carry out terrorist acts, however, they are “rebels”) have been in negotiations with Russia, but the parties never reached an agreement on a truce.

battlefront in Eastern Ghouta Journalist Amal Wahab support terrorists in Syria?
Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  The battlefront in Eastern Ghouta pr. March 14th, 2018. South Front.


Journalist Amal Wahab support terrorists in Syria? 

Wahab tells us that Russia and Damascus have set up a corridor where people could leave Eastern Ghouta (which more than 10 000 later used), but the AFP says that no one uses it. Who is this “no one” they speak of?

Why does “Mahmoud Darwish”, the head of relief agencies in Eastern Ghouta, say that no one dares to use the corridor? Notice that Wahab effectively evades saying that they are afraid of being arrested or killed by government forces.


According to the BBC, the rebels have withdrawn from parts of Eastern Ghouta to regroup and continue the fight against government forces.

Wahab also refers to the Syrian newspaper “al-Watan”, which reports that President Bashar al-Assad will continue the offensive until the entire area is “clean of terrorists”. Wahab further writes that Assad made a statement in which he calls the suggestions of a humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ghouta “a ridiculous lie”.

Finally, Wahab is convinced that WHO tells Reuters that Syrian authorities confiscated a great deal of the medical supplies before the convoy was let in. Is she referring to hearsay or where is her proof?

Many sources publish stories about Ghouta, but are censored in Western media


In an interview with President Bashar al-Assad on 3 March, he says the following about the situation in Eastern Ghouta.
He states that there is no difference between getting humanitarian aid into Eastern Ghouta and using military force to fight terrorist groups at the same time.

He comments that the West’s “political dictionary” is a dictionary full of lies. This U.S.-led coalition commits daily massacres of civilians in Hasaka and Deir ez-Zor, not to mention what they did in Raqqa.

The President further expresses that every time the Syrian army makes progress in the fight against the same terrorist groups that Europe is worried will enter European soil, the West reacts negatively. This is what is now taking place in Eastern Ghouta.

SANA, a Syrian news agency, reports that the hypocrisy of the countries party to the UN resolution and the accusations against the Syrian government and Russia have lent support to the terrorists in Ghouta to continue fighting against Damascus, while hindering the fight against the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta.

One of Amal Wahab's articles, Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?
Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  One of Amal Wahab’s articles, chronically filled with political correctness, writing to support the terrorist groups in Syria.Tonnes of humanitarian aid reach Eastern Ghouta


Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  The Syrian Arab Red Crescent reports on its website. Today, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent brought 270 tonnes of food and supplies to the people in Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and humanitarian partners delivered 46 truckloads of food relief aid for 27,500 people and health items for more than 70,000 people inside Duma in eastern Ghouta.

The convoy included aid from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the United Nations, and SARC. The truckloads included food baskets, flour, medical supplies, a kidney treatment facility, baby milk and nutritional foods.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent included a mobile clinic to support SARCs medical facilities functioning in Duma, and to provide rapid primary healthcare to children and vulnerable people.
Eng. Khaled Hboubati, SARC’s President said:

SARC volunteers and staff stand ready 24/7 to deliver humanitarian support to all people in need in Syria. He added, this convoy to Duma/Eastern Ghouta is the first one as approved by the humanitarian aid monthly plan of the Syrian High Relief Committee.

The UN has described it as a precarious situation, yet 46 truckloads of humanitarian aid for 27,000 people arrived as it should. The UN has been given the green light to deliver aid to 70,000 people.


Refugees using the Syrian Army Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?
Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  Refugees using the Syrian Army provided channel out of Eastern Ghouta, March 15,2018.

Journalist Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?  RT reports that people who attempt to leave through the humanitarian corridors are shot and killed. Early Sunday morning, soldiers managed to save two childrenFatima and Hamsawho attempted to escape together with their parents. Both parents were killed by snipers.

Mother Superior Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, a nun who has lived in Syria for many years, describes the situation in Eastern Ghouta in this way.

Mother Agnes was also the courageous woman who told the world that the Ghouta chemical attack in 2013 was fabricated by the very terrorist groups that the Syrian army is now fighting against in Eastern Ghouta. 

A centre has been established in Syria called the “Russian Reconciliation Center”, which reports that many people have attempted to escape, but have been stopped by terrorist groups.

“An estimated 300 civilians would like to leave the neighborhood but were stopped by the militant faction Jaysh al-Islam on Wednesday, which controls a large portion of Ghouta. Civilians gathered near one end of a humanitarian corridor designated by the Syrian forces, but mortar strikes from the militants targeted the corridor, making it unsafe, the center reported on Wednesday.

There are a number of militant factions that have joined in the fight to liberate Ghouta. Among them are the Jerusalem Brigade and the Palestinian Liberation Army.

Syrian military sources report that they have detained two officers from Saudi Arabia and one from England. Liberating Eastern Ghouta is a very complex task because the entire area is covered with miles and miles of tunnels with upwards of 20,000 terrorists hiding in them.

Media lies and the role of journalists to repeat them


Journalist Vanessa Beeley has been to Syria on a number of occasions. She was in East Aleppo when the area was liberated. She says that what is taking place in Eastern Ghouta is a “replica” of what happened when East Aleppo was liberated.

“The parallels between East Ghouta and East Aleppo are unmistakable. The same media hysteria is being rolled out to protect the NATO-member-state-sanctioned terrorist groups that have been occupying the eastern suburbs of Damascus. Just as in East Aleppo, these western backed, armed groups have ruled civilians living under their occupation with a regime of fear and extremist oppression.


Eastern Ghouta battlefield Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria?
Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria? Eastern Ghouta battlefield. Photo: Anadolou.

Paal Steigan published an article today where he discusses the lies we are being fed. He mentions the White Helmets in particular as being a source used by the media and the UN to justify waging more war in Syria.

So important it is to promote war in Syria, that an eight-year-old girl who lived with her family in East Aleppo has become a source of information for the media

. They took what she wrote on Twitter and used it as a source for what went on in East Aleppo. The exploitation of children in Syria has become routine.

A girl whose parents were linked to jihadists. Bana became a concept. She and the White Helmets are two sides of the same coin.

Unfortunately, they show no mercy when it comes to promoting war against the Syrian people. Bana is just a child, after all. At last night’s Oscars, Bana was touted as the goddess of freedom

Amal A. Wahab uses her pen to reaffirm sheer propaganda.

Amal Wahab supports terrorists in Syria? She draws on nine sources to describe to us the situation in Eastern Ghouta. Her story ran in Klassekampen on 6 March 2018.

Nine sources is a lot, but they all present the same side’s view of the conflict. Wahab has not obtained information from a tenth sourcea source that discusses what the war in Eastern Ghouta is all about.

It must be too uncomfortable for Klassekampen to use the word “terrorist”, since their journalists write about everything but what is actually happening in Eastern Ghouta.

For the record, let me add that the government-funded Klassekampen receives roughly 40 million NOK in press subsidies from the state. Just saying. Please remember that the Norwegian media receives approximately 8 billion NOK from the Norwegian state funds yearly. 

She writes like a news agency. A news agency owned by the very terrorist groups in Syria that are now stationed in Eastern Ghouta. What is to be kept secret and why? Why is it necessary to continue the lying?

Is it to protect the Syrian people and the Syrian army fighting against the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta? Terrorist groups who have killed 11,000 people in Damascus and injured 30,000 who will now be disabled for the rest of their lives?

Hardly. What we are seeing is a pattern. Deception and lies, fabricated in order to fool ordinary people like ourselves. To keep people in the West unaware of the fact that our governments are paying terrorists to murder the Syrian people.

Wahab is not the only journalist in the West whose pen “drips in the blood of Syrian and Arabs alike”.

Does Wahab and others like her think that Syrians have forgotten their lies and deceit as the battles wore on in East Aleppo? This story is not over in a long time, however much Western journalists like Wahab keep writing their propaganda.

Wahab does not write on behalf of the Syrian people. She writes on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis of the Syrian “opposition”.

Now after seven years, it is the Syrian people that they suddenly find fault with. We must change the people. Wahab and other supporters of the terrorists in Syria want to replace the Syrian people with Wahhabists.


About the author

Eva Thomassen is a sociologist and war reporter with an emphasis on the Syrian conflict. She has many years of experience with Syria, she’s lived and worked there and for a number of years has travelled to the country in the midst of the ongoing civil war. Thomassen has long called attention to the fact that the Western media narrative we are presented with is strongly influenced by war propaganda and is not in line with the principle of respect for national sovereignty and international law.


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