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Islamic Religious Syncretism: How Islam Mutilates Christ

How Islam Overcame the West: Islamic Religious Syncretism: Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, Turkey

  Herland Report: Islamic Religious Syncretism: Not only does Islam claim Abraham, Moses, and Jesus; it apparently claims post biblical figures, such as Saint George, as well.  So states a recent article on My London, the real point of which is apparently to assert Christian and Muslim “commonalities.” Thus, we learn that “on St George’s Day, which in Eastern Christianity is marked on May …

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The Old Testament Prophets and whistleblowers – Dr. Samantha Hewavitharana

The Metaphysical World: Herland Report

  Samantha Hewavitharana is a doctor of medicine with a special interest in theology and matters of the different religions. This article focuses on the Old Testament Prophets. “The Prophets were not only people who predicted the future; they were also the world’s first “whistle-blowers.” Criticizing kings, elders and society, they were ready to even give their lives for the …

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Book The Billionaire World Hanne Nabintu Herland How Marxism Serves the Elite