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Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse – Andrei Martyanov


The Coming American Collapse: Andrei Martyanov in the book Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse.
The Coming American Collapse: The United States doesn’t have a nation anymore. Not even close, writes Andrei Martyanov in the book Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse.

Herland Report: The Coming American Collapse: Andrei Martyanov’s book on imperial decline features a devastating indictment of US political mediocrity, writes Pepe Escobar about Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse:

“His new book, Disintegration, completes a trilogy and in the process represents a stunning departure.

Here Martyanov, in meticulous detail, analyzes the imperial decline thematically.

Chapters on consumption, geoeconomics, energy and losing the arms race, among others, comprise a devastating indictment especially of toxic DC lobbies and the prevailing political mediocrity within the Beltway.

What is laid bare for the reader is the complex interplay of forces that are driving the political, ideological, economic, cultural and military American chaos.

One of Martyanov’s key assessments is that having lost the arms race and every single war it unleashed in the 21st century – as the record shows – geoeconomics is essentially a “euphemism for America’s non-stop sanctions and attempts to sabotage the economies of any nation capable of competing with the United States.”

The Coming American Collapse: Amazon: The United States is undergoing a profound and radical transformation, all features of which point to the fact of its departure at an accelerated rate from its largely self-proclaimed status as a global hegemon.

The United States has lost ground in every single category that defines the power and status of a nation in relation to its rivals.

This book delves into the reasons for a catastrophic decline of the American nation, addressing a range of factors from the economic (especially energy), to cultural, technological and military factors.

America’s deindustrialized economy is now deeply affected by what can only be described as a massacre of her small and middle-size businesses and the implosion of the US commercial aerospace industry.




The Coming American Collapse: America’s only driver of real growth, the shale oil industry, is facing realities which may make the Great Depression pale in comparison.

Disintegration also seeks answers to the precipitous moral and professional decline of the always mediocre qualities of the American elites, from the corridors of political power to those of the military and business, now spiraling out of control.

More alarmingly, the trend also points to the possibility of the actual physical disintegration of the United States as a unified entity―whether the divisions are ethnic or ideological.

The most profound fault line is cultural―between the Coastal self-proclaimed elites backed by the secular, liberal media and deep state, who promote the most radical ideologies as it concerns gender and race, and the working class majority whom the former polemicize as deplorables, Christian fundamentalists, white supremacists, and climate and science denialists.

Investigating these factors sheds light on America’s future which holds very little promise for the country which had once proclaimed itself to be a shining city on the hill.

The American collapse is not just coming, we are presently experiencing it.

How can we deal with a catastrophe which is unfolding before our very eyes? Disintegration lays out some possibilities.


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