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Long overdue anti trust lawsuit against censoring monopolist Google

Long overdue anti trust lawsuit against censoring monopolist, illiberal Google, NYTimes

  Herland Report: Who could have imagined that the West would implement the same type of totalitarian structures that brought Germany to its knees during World War II? Yet, here we are in the age of censorship and authoritarianism, Conservative pages and others almost completely shut down by Google. Diversity and pluralism is the enemy now. This was the very …

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Authoritarian Facebook and Google threaten democracy

Facebook ill.

Herland Report: The US Department of Justice has announced it is opening a wide-ranging antitrust review of “market-leading online platforms,” an unprecedented probe of the tech industry that could heighten calls for Amazon, Facebook and Google to be broken up, writes Washington Post. The effort aims to explore “widespread concerns that consumers, businesses, and entrepreneurs have expressed about search, social …

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