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Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize 2019, says Norwegian Hanne Herland

Hanne Herland Report Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize 2019:

  Simply by showing good will and attempting to pull forces out of Syria, the work to end the North Korean crisis, the efforts to end the Kashmir crisis, president Donald Trump is a far more worthy Nobel Peace Prize winner than US war president, Barack Obama ever was. He received the Nobel in the midst of escalating the war …

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Shocking scandal if Al-Nusra affiliated White Helmets are awarded Nobel


  If White Helmets are to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Sweden and Alfred Nobel’s family should revoke Norway’s right to award it. A major and exceptionally cynical PR campaign clearly aimed at inciting all-out war in Syria is permeating Western media outlets. With the “White Helmets” taking centre stage—an organisation that is protected by jihadist-groups with ties to Jabhat …

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