Shocking scandal if Al-Nusra affiliated White Helmets are awarded Nobel


If White Helmets are to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Sweden and Alfred Nobel’s family should revoke Norway’s right to award it.

A major and exceptionally cynical PR campaign clearly aimed at inciting all-out war in Syria is permeating Western media outlets. With the “White Helmets” taking centre stage—an organisation that is protected by jihadist-groups with ties to Jabhat al-Nusra (Jabhat Fateh al-Sham)—al-Qaeda’s faction in Syria—which receives financial support from the West—a massive PR campaign is now rife with an unprecedented American war propaganda and photos of children in order to appeal to people’s emotions.


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The White Helmets are now a Norwegian favourite to the Nobel Peace Prize and the media is flooded with their praise.

If the already politicized Nobel Peace Prize is given to an al-Nusra-affiliated organisation visibly under pressure from America, Norway should relinquish its role as the country that awards the prize and let Sweden take over.

In recent years, the prestige of the Prize is already weakened the world over as it is increasingly been considered a “prize given to whoever America chooses”.




The utter incompetence and politization of those awarding the prize should lead to the family of Alfred Nobel retracting the price out of Norwegian politician’s hands.

Unbelievably stupid Norwegian journalists refer without seemingly any sense of critical thinking to the USA-Saudi Arabia alliance’s war-mongering propaganda in which White Helmets now serve as a useful tool.

In a “copy-paste” manner, they do not even add “allegedly” or “according to White Helmets own reports” when referring to the “62,000 lives” the White Helmets profess to have saved.

No second-guessing in articles either over the reported number of lives saved, no critical questioning of the quote “these are doctors, carpenters, teachers, engineers, bakers”.

No reflection on the odd fact that Western media outlets and Google search machines are “suddenly” flooded with details on the “White Helmets”.

Strangely, at the same time, as the Norwegian journalist Paal Steigan has pointed out, the appearance of Netflix documentaries, Hollywood gets involved, American media—around 90% of which is owned by six media companies—all suddenly showcase well-captured photos of children of all ages being “saved”, running in dust away from “a bomb”.

No reflection either on the fact that this is happening while battles are being waged on the ground in Aleppo where American-backed terror groups, the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat Fateh al-Sham) being one of them, are now on the retreat and close to losing the fight for East Aleppo.


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A few days ago, it is reported that American warplanes bombed a pair of bridges, which helped the al-Nusra Front to further entrench itself without ground forces being able to reach them.

The Americans are acting as clear supporters of al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria, also reportedly admitting to avoid bombing al-Nusra. It is absolutely incomprehensible that Western left-wing news sources now uncritically accept the warmongering American strategies, in an age where leading studies show the US is no longer a democracy, but something completely else.

The White Helmets’ primary function—aside from supplying all of its photos of children—is to sway the world into agreeing to a “no-fly zone” over Syria.

The same happened in Libya and justified the NATO bombing of the entire country. In practice, a no-fly zone nowadays means “Western powers’ right to bomb to silence one of the fractions’ in a country’s civil war”.

Isn’t it peculiar that a so-called peaceful organisation with a media strategy is to show pictures of children, has as its primary concern to push for the bombing of the children of the other party in the civil war? 

Do they want to save the children, or bomb them?

Isn’t it equally peculiar that Western powers are so insistent on their right to invade country after country in the Middle East, all of which end with the country falling apart with civil wars and indescribable suffering for civilians? This is as undemocratic and inhuman as it possibly can be.

Why do we support such a development without questioning the forces in the West that benefit from these seemingly endless conflicts in foreign lands, with its corresponding PR campaigns that regularly overflow Western media in order to create fear and gain public support?




How do Western forces expect to win these battles without “the moral high ground”?

The same Norway, which now seems overjoyed by the innocence of White Helmets and bent on giving them the Nobel Peace Price, gladly helped to bomb Libya to shreds which led to its total destruction.

Evidently we have learned nothing from the Libyan War and the heavy propaganda which swept Western media in 2011, which has since proven to be inconsistent with reality.

The UN was given erroneous information in the run-up to the Libyan conflict. NATO launched an attack on false premises, killed Muammar Gaddafi and the massive Libyan oil revenues were conveniently confiscated.

All of this has been well documented, yet no politician in the West is held accountable. Not one.

Many of the people who were helped to power by NATO in Libya in 2011 were linked to al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, LIFG for one.

Its leader Abdelhakim Belhadj was lauded by US Senator John McCain (the link to McCains own web pages where he hailed Belhadj as a freedom fighter and hero has been deleted from the internet) as a hero after the Libyan war and officially honoured by the USA. (There are some nice photos of this). In 2015 the same man, Belhadj, became the leader of ISIS in Libya.

The unavoidable question becomes: Have we forgotten this or is the current war propaganda a wilful attempt by the economically frail US to instigate a world war?

The recent revelations of Norway and Saudi Arabia as leading donor nations to the Clinton Foundation also illustrates the worrying tendency of connections between donations and the political world.

Norway has in total contributed around 150 million USD, according to combined figures, while the Clinton Foundation pages report 10-25 million USD.

Judicial Watch recently addressed the issue that foreign nations donate billions into the private family Clinton Foundation, where only 10 % allegedly goes to non-political charity work.

In recent years, as donations have increased from Norway – Scandinavia’s Qatar –  there have been remarkably many Norwegians elected for top US’ controlled international positions (Jens Stoltenberg, Torbjorn Jagland, Rune Andersen, Espen Barth Eide), the current Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg recently joining them to head a UN “celebrity group”.

The worry is that Norway willingly participates in the international segment where donations of money to senior politicians result in fine positions and the desired political results given.

It would be an international scandal of dimensions and yet another example of foreign nations influence on the Nobel Peace Prize if White Helmets were to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Sweden and the family of Alfred Nobel – who already have been upset about the politization of the Prize in Norwegian hands – should then proceed to revoke Norway’s right to award the price.

Sweden should, in that case, give competent and less politically tainted officials the right to award it in closer accordance of the will of Alfred Nobel.


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