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The Billionaire New World Order Economic Forum mirror the Corporate Raiders of the British East India Company

The Billionaire New World Order: World Economic Forum AP

  Herland Report: The Billionaire New World Order: The Davos billionaire hotspot World Economic Forum so desires to merge public state funds with the wealth of the privately owned business corporations that dominate the world. This is a very smart initiative that gives billionaires access to the nation states’ government funds. The British empire did the same with the privately …

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Sløseriombudsmannen – How Artists Squander Public Money – Cave of Apelles

Sløseriombudsmannen - The Squander Ombudsman, Cave of Apelles, Nerdrum School, Herland Report

  Herland Report: The Norwegian government’ reported squandering of public funds has become somewhat of a a Facebook phenomenon thanks to the Norwegian commentator who calls himself Sløseriombudsmannen – which means “The Squander Ombudsman”. Wearing a Venetian mask, the man behind the social media account visits Cave of Apelles to discuss how artists are reportedly wasting taxpayers’ money through the …

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