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The existential light of Christmas

The existential light of Christmas:  Christmas-Jesus-Joseph Mary Herland Report KB

  Christmas is a time of year where billions around the world commemorate the birth of Jesus, who was born in a barn and placed in a feeding container for animals. The light of Christmas: The humble beginnings of the son of Mary, who was begotten by the Spirit of God yet born from the womb of a woman, came …

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Exclusive interview with Bishop Harry Jackson: Black Churches are The Best

Bishop Harry Jackson: Racism, lynching of blacks, KKK and the need for racial healing Hanne Nabintu Herland Report

  Herland Report host, Hanne Herland speaks to Bishop Harry Jackson about why Black Churches are The Best in the United States. Or are they? [pullquote]Master Jesus’ focus was outwardly angled: How can we do good, do justice, notice others, be kind, be honest, be faithful in service of human kind?[/pullquote] Bishop Jackson is a regular guest at CBS, 700 Club, …

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PODCAST Social Conservatism Makes You Care – Bishop Harry Jackson

Exclusive interview Bishop Harry Jackson: BIshop Harry Jackson Woodley Auguste Hanne Herland

  Herland Report Podcast host, Hanne Herland speaks to Bishop Harry Jackson about why he supports Donald Trump, the need to stop hating each other and end the divisiveness in America, whether they vote for the same candidate than you or not. Bishop Harry Jackson is a leading American social conservative activist, commentator, author, a famous lecturer who holds an …

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