Unaccountable billionaires: BIll Gates, Reuters

Bill Gates speech about “vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth”


Herland Report: Bill Gates speech about “vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth”: Many now question how it is possible that one of the richest men in the world has come to dominate the WHO, leading NGOs and function as mentor to Prime Ministers and nation leaders.

Billionaire and vaccine investor, Bill Gates, who is massively profiting economically from the Covid-19 world wide lockdown and vaccine programs, has openly advocated for abortion as a measure of population control and questioned what we should do with the rapid population growth in the world.

Many now turn to his TED speech, 2010 in which he spoke of the need to do a “great job” on vaccination among third-world countries and that this could bring down the population count – “health care and vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth.”

Forget the rule of the people. Western billionaire oligarchs rule us now, Bill Gates forefront as the messianic world leading “pandemic expert” who in his TED speech, 2010 openly spoke about “vaccines reduce population growth”.

The billionaires own charity, they own aid, they define how pandemics should be handled, they pay billions to WHO and NGOs, control politicians, own medical facilities. They own research, vaccines, health institutes.

As globalism has led to Western oligarchs turning political by funneling private capital into charity, NGOs and politics, Bill Gates has taken the role as “world pandemic expert” during the Corona SARS influenza. It has led us into a deep catastrophe.


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Bill Gates speech about “vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth”: RT writes: “The vaccine evangelist’s claim that the world’s population, standing in 2010 at 6.8 billion and “headed up to nine billion” at the time of the infamous TED Talk, could be reduced “if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services,” and the like “by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent” can itself be considered an incriminating statement – and FactCheck.org has acknowledged that he said it.

Additionally, a Gates TED Talk from last year was edited post-broadcast to remove a line regarding vaccine certificates, which at the time were considered to be much too redolent of the police-state mentality for any of the democratic countries to accept. A year and a half later, lockdown-mad populations have been driven into the arms of such passport regimes and Gates’ prediction – which persists in the audio version of his talk – sounds almost restrained.”




“Bill Gates is entering every field that has to do with sustaining life and, for over a decade, has undermined vitality in all its forms, in an effort to seize control over and profit from it.

By funding research and financing public institutions, Gates is able to force those institutions down a path where they can only use his patented intellectual property.

While pretending to save the world through philanthropy, Gates’ solutions perpetuate and worsen the world’s problems. They may even threaten the future of humanity, as they’re driving us closer to extinction,” writes Dr. Joseph Mercola



Bill Gates speech about “vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth”: Dr. Mercola says that “we’re currently facing enormously powerful technocrats who are hell-bent on ushering the Great Reset, a World Economic Forum (WEF) plan, which will complete the ongoing transfer of wealth and resource ownership from the poor and middle classes to the ultra-rich.

Perhaps the most well-known of the individuals pushing for this is Bill Gates who, like John Rockefeller a century before him, rehabilitated his sorely tarnished image by turning to philanthropy.”


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