The US Election Has Already Been Hijacked and the Winner Decided: 'We the People' Lose:, Herland Report

BLM demonize blacks: Black Americans are overwhelmingly against defunding the police


Herland Report: Any sane American with some sense of rationality would reform the police, not abolish it. Those who will mostly suffer from no police around are precisely the black communities. Naturally, blacks are overwhelmingly against defunding the police.

We have long said that the Black Lives Matter anarchy riots are politically hijacked by anti-Black forces and will produce an even harder life for blacks.

A recent poll has revealed that black Americans overwhelmingly oppose the idea of defunding the police.

In Europe, which has received millions of refugees, many now shouting that Europeans are racists after living on benefits in Europe for years, will see a similar development. It will be harder to be black in Europe too as the attitude backfires.

A recent poll showed that 40 % of businesses destroyed had black owners. Blacks are now more likely to be judged as “looters and thieves” post what has happened than before.

So, in whose interest is it to portray black Americans as “looters, thieves and people who destroy property”?

Many videos have surfaced showing black Americans filming white anarchists looting and spraying BLM on walls, destroying property. In the rallies, white millennials seem to “have fun” looting, yet how exactly are they depicting this to help black lives? Maybe the aim is not at all to help the poor African American community, but rather to demonize them all even more. I wonder.


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Black Americans are overwhelmingly against defunding the police:  Rich Welsh at DJHJ Media writes: A HuffPost/YouGov poll found that a majority of Americans do want police reform, such as banning chokeholds, however, the least popular thing in the poll turns out to be defunding the police.

“Self-described liberals support defunding the police by a 13-point margin,” HuffPost reported. “But nearly every other ideological and demographic group opposes it.

Democrats and Democratic leaners oppose it by a 4-percentage point margin, and Black Americans oppose it by a 20-point margin.”

It also revealed that while about one-quarter of black Americans support defunding the police, 49 % actually oppose the idea.


Black Americans are overwhelmingly against defunding the police:  Herland Report banner
Black Americans are overwhelmingly against defunding the police:  The Herland Report Scandinavian news site, TV channel on YouTube and Podcast has millions of viewers. Founded by Scandinavian historian of comparative religions and author Hanne Nabintu Herland, we feature leading intellectuals, authors and activists from across the political spectrum. Subscribe to YouTube interviews here!


Black Americans are overwhelmingly against defunding the police:  The divide over defunding police could also be due to partisanship.  Many black Americans have been taught by Democrats and leftists that the police hate them, and when they come into any contact with police it’s because the cops want to harass them.

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