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Imitating Islam in Persecuting Christians: Mission St. Gabriel, California, Church burning has come to America, just like ISIS burned churches in the Middle EastUSA

Church burning has come to America, just like ISIS Middle East


Herland Report: Church burning has come to the United States, as Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other openly atheist, anti-American anarchists torch Western civilization.

In past years, it has been one of the main features of the terror group ISIS and other Islamist radical groups’ attack on Christianity in the Middle East.

It has now come to America, as Christians and conservatives in the West are facing the totalitarian intolerance of the neo-Marxist New Left movement and its Antifa – Black Lives Matter focus on anarchy.

Who funds these movements? As the enemies of the West are growing stronger, are we facing the collapse of freedom or will everyone vote for Trump to end the anarchy?


Church burning has come to America, just like ISIS burned churches in the Middle East France Church burned 2019
Church burnings are quite normal in France. When Notre Dame in Paris burned, news came of numerous similar church burnings all over the country. The mainstream media hardly reports on this.


The charred pews and collapsed roof looked like the work of ISIS torching its way through Mosul, but the target was the 249-year-old church as Mission San Gabriel in California, and the perperators were rioters claiming their cause was racial justice, writes WND, the largest Conservative news network in America.

It was just one attack on churches among five within 48 hours the weekend of July 11-12, noted Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, in a column published by the Daily Signal.




In Florida, a 23-year-old arsonist who laughed to police that he was on a “mission,” crashed into the sanctuary of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Florida while congregants were praying then set fire to the building. A historically black church also was a target, with Calvary Baptist in San Diego watching its building for children’s ministry burn to the ground.

In New York City, mobs made bonfires out of two Virgin Mary statues, with words such as “IDOL” scrawled black paint. Even a Jesus sculpture was decapitated.

Perkins believes the violence is not about the death of George Floyd but, rather, a “smokescreen” for the real agenda of fundamentally transforming America.

Black Lives Matter leaders boast of being “trained Marxists,” he noted, and Marxism has no place for God.

Perkins cited progressive activist Shaun King saying “all murals and stained-glass windows of white Jesus and his European mother and their white friends should also come down.”

“They are a gross form of white supremacy created as tools of oppression, racist propaganda,” King said.

But Perkins said it’s not about Jesus being white — he wasn’t — but about “hating what Jesus and these churches represent: Truth.”

‘What a difference five years makes’

Perkins cited media mogul Conrad Black pointing out the trouble with negotiating with extremists.

“They don’t really want to reach an agreement,” Black said. “They skulked forward hiding behind the skirts of respectable reform organizations who wish equality and brotherhood in America.”




Perkins commented: “Now, our monuments aren’t just paying for it, but our faith communities too.”

He recalled scholar Victor Davis Hanson observing when ISIS marched through small Iraqi towns, destroying ancient artifacts and sacred sites that the West was appalled, priding itself “on the idea that liberal societies would never descend into such nihilism.”

Perkins concluded: “What a difference five years makes.”


Also check out these topics at CNN or FOX News. Other sources may be New York TimesUSA Today, the Washington Post or from the British angle, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph or Financial Times.

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