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Globalist’ media wants to Stop National Security #Trump Speech


Herland Report: What we are witnessing is a historic show down of power between the New World Order globalist, transnational elite and the Old World Order that wants to retain national borders and the sovereignty of nations.

Herland Report: To break it down: Immediately after the President Trump’s speech on the border wall, escalating a stand-off with Congress, the mainstream American media and leading members of the Democratic Party erupted in a mass “fact-checking” frenzy that made the speech the most “fact-checked” in history.

Daily Caller pointed out that the “fact-checking” told the audience more about the journalists behind them than they did about the truth of anything the president said. Unambiguous truths were declared to be misleading or lies through twisted logic and absurd nitpicking.

We would argue it tells us even more about the owners of the Mainstream Media and their suspiciously positive view of illegal and criminal activity.

Naturally, a president like Trump, who fights for the nation state and national security, becomes a powerful enemy.

In whose interest is it to make the President seem like a liar? In whose interest is it to push for an illegal immigration that disrupts the order in the US, lowers the wages of unskilled workers and keeps the billion dollar drug industry running?


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Who owns the Mainstream Media and benefit from illegal immigration?


The mainstream US media has worked around the clock since Trump was elected in order to remove him from office. Let’s follow the money: Who are the current owners the Mainstream media and why do they do everything in their power to stop the President?

As everyone knows, over 90 % of the US media is owned by only 6 corporations with wide spread interest in the development of a globalist, transnational capitalist system that profits from lack of national sovereignty.

The transnational business model that characterizes globalism is dependent on weak nation states, that easily may be overrun by global corporations that crush local businesses in country after country.




And globalism has worked, it has reinforced an economic system that benefits the ultra-rich in an unprecedented scale. 62 persons now own over 50 % of world assets, only made possible by the transnational business model that outruns national sovereignty – and refuses to redistribute wealth.

Ironically, it is the Democratic Party that fights for the rights of the super-rich.


Mainstream media Donald Trump quote


Who “owns” the Democratic Party that fights to uphold illegal activity?


The current Border Wall showdown demonstrates how the Democratic Party fervently supports illegal mass-immigration. The Speaker of the House of Representatives and Democrat, the American Italian, Nancy Pelosi of California, even pronounced Trump’s border wall “an immorality”, to which Democrats cheered and agreed.

Pelosi, whose mother came from the Southern parts of Italy, knows perfectly well that the flow of immigrants enter the US illegally and against US law, that their presence push the current wages-level down, that the legal immigrants voted for Trump to stop the illegal immigration. Her analysis of Trump makes her utter the most bizarre statements, such as: “I think that the president’s relationship with thugs all over the world is appalling.”

Who has managed to sway the Democratic Party away from supporting workers to fighting for criminal activity?

To cite Greg Gutfeld, the facts in the Trump speech that needed to be “fact-checked” were:

Trump detailed the murder of a young police officer, a dismembered neighbor, gang members stabbing a young girl to death. Those, sadly, are facts. Also hard to question: The 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records. The 100,000 assaults. The 30,000 sex crimes. The 4,000 violent killings. The 1 in 3 women sexually assaulted on the trek through Mexico. Or the 20,000 migrant children illegally brought into the U.S. last month – many used by coyotes and gangs.


Trump tweetThese lawless activities remind us more about the Chicago Mob Rule in the 1930’s.

Back then Mafioso bosses ordered the killings of individuals who opposed their illegal activities in the entertainment industry, drugs, prostitution, gambling and so on.

Who are the Mafioso controlling America today?

The mainstream media does not focus much on the above mentioned crimes and the suffering of Americans and illegal immigrants alike, but solely on the personae Trump, his hair cut, his wife, his manner of speech, his tweets.

The question is: In whose interest is it to not make America safe? Who profits from anarchy and sub-groups in society fighting?

Who profits from the billion dollar drug industry and the millions of young Americans on narcotics? Who profits from lower wages, disruption of civil society and suffering among the people?

Who profits from dismantling the middle class in America and outsourcing the jobs to India, Vietnam etc? Certainly not the poor or the middle class.

That is, the groups that voted for Donald Trump. So, who are the Bad Guys, exactly, in this particular story?


Who profits from criminal activity? 


One of the dramatic effects of illegal immigration is that the wages are pushed down. The illegal and unskilled immigrants gladly work for lower wages and are easily exploited.

Statistics showed that a high number of legal immigrants voted for Trump, many stating that the reason was his announced-to-be crack-down on illegal immigration.

One may argue that the globalist, transnational agenda pushes for lower wages in the US, and illegal immigration through its Southern borders is vital to attain this goal.

America is at the worst point in history regarding the drug epidemic that engulfs the nation in unprecedented ways. President Trump’s border wall poses a major threat to the free flow of narcotics into the US.




Since the 1960’s, the drug industry has exploded in the West, Afghanistan alone counting for over 90 % of the production of heroin. Afghanistan is controlled by the Americans. The heroin production exploded after US takeover, as everyone knows.

Who profits from upholding the criminal activity? The answer is simple: The American drug lords. Which must mean President Trump is their worst enemy, the New Godfather who attempts to dismantle “the old families”.

“30 years too late” comes a President who wants to deal with today’s American drug lords – the families behind the billion dollar narcotics industry in the West that are dependent on the Southern border remaining open. We wish the President good luck in his endeavors.


Also check out these topics at CNN or FOX News. Other sources may be New York TimesUSA Today, the Washington Post or from the British angle, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph or Financial Times.

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