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PODCAST with Dr. Reginald Davis: The US Empire is Falling


Herland Report Podcast host, Hanne Herland speaks with Dr. Reginald Davis about the faltering state of the United States, globalist elites and the US empire.

Dr. Davis is a professor at multiple universities, author, frequent radio guest and lecturer all over Reginald Davis Hanne Herland ReportAmerica, pastor of the historic First Baptist Church in Virginia. 

“When one looks at the rise and decline of the Roman Empire, there was a decline in morality, decline in values, an overreach of military installations.”

“You had economic problems, a dependence on cheap labor, a division in the government and then you had greed on top of that.”

“So, when we begin to look at what is happening in America and parallel that to the rise and decline of the Roman Empire, we see that the parallels are very frightening.”



Dr. Reginald Davis elaborates: “When you look at Wall Street, for instance, who made deals and put this country in a financial crisis, the housing crisis and all of these executives, no one was held accountable for that. In fact, the government stepped in and assisted them, but left Main Street holding the bank.”

“So, when you see that kind of aristocracy at the top, that kind of help at the top and power staying at the top and neglect of people at the bottom, then people will begin to lose their civic responsibilities. They began to lose their love for their country and begin to create terrorist groups, home terrorist groups.”



“When you look at all of the industries, the money makers, wealth is going up, it’s not coming down. So, all of the people who are really making the money in America, their wealth is going up.”

“Sadly, the people at the bottom are suffering. So, now the middle class has fallen down to the lower class. Still, the wealth is at the top and democracy cannot sustain when all of the wealth is going at the top and the people at the bottom are hurting. That is not sustainable. ”


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