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Interview Paul Craig Roberts: Worst thing that happened to US was fall of Soviet Union


Herland Report:  The worst thing that has happened to the US is the collapse of the Soviet Union.  It opened up for the neo-con movement that has destroyed the West, says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to Herland Report TV on the worst thing that happened to US.

Roberts is the chairman of The Institute for Political Economy, former editor of Wall Street Journal and a well-known author of many books. He is awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.

Dr. Roberts states that: “The worst thing that happened to America in my lifetime was the collapse of the Soviet Union, because it removed the only constraint on American unilateralism. There was a limit to Washington’s ability to bully and dominate”.

Dr. Roberts is a regular contributor to The Herland Report TV. The programs with Dr. Roberts may be viewed here: Program 1: Neo-Con Totalitarianism, program 2: Totalitarianism in the West, program 3: The Washington Tyranny, program 4: The Hatred of the White, Hetero Male,program 5: Financial Crisis Looming, program 6: The Shocking Truth about Trump and the Media, program 7: The Enslavement of the Working Class.


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts with Hanne Herland Worst thing that happened to US
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts with Hanne Herland, click on the picture and watch the teaser.


Dr. Roberts states: “Washington could bully and dominate in South America, in Western Europe, in Japan, but most of the world was immune to this kind of bullying. Because the Soviet Union was there, it “checked” American unilateralism”, says Roberts.

“When the Soviet Union collapsed, the worst thing that happened to US, the constraint on American unilateralism disappeared. Nothing now constrained Washingtons’s power or hegemony.

“And this happened right at the time when a new ideology in the US was rising up, the rise of the neo-conservative ideology – that America is the indispensable country, it is the exceptional country. Now what does it mean when you say that?”



“This means if the USA is indispensable, it means everyone else i dispensable. If the USA is exceptional, it means everyone else is unexceptional. It is a claim to hegemony over mankind.”

“It is like we are God’s chosen people, not the Jews. This is the neo-conservative ideology, and it has dominated the US foreign policy since the Bill Clinton regime.”

“This is where the attacks on Serbia came, the sanctions on Iraq that killed 500 000 children which Madeleine Albright said was worth it. Can you imagine someone saying it was worth killing 500 000 children?”

“It shows you how hard ideology is, it is a completely merciless ideology. Nothing counts except Washington’s hegemony. It is not even American hegemony, but Washington’s hegemony.”

“With George W. Bush, the neo-conservatives completely ran the government. The real president was Dick Cheney, – the vice-president – hardline neo-conservative. The state department was full of them, Pentagon was full of them, they completely dominated the National Security Council. This is where the 9-11 came from, this is where the war on Afghanistan and Iraq came from…”


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