Socialist Billionaires joined China as the push for lockdown gives China double digit growth , Herland Report

Socialist Billionaires joined China as the push for lockdown gives China double digit growth


Herland Report: As unbelievable as it seems, American globalists ended up joining the US-China trade war, helping China gain more power.

China in double digit growth while the West is in double digit Corona Recession: Recovery from Covid-19 seems to be distant in the whole world except for China.

The media fear of Corona has become a tool to quicken the pace for the take-over of local, small businesses all across the West. As millions go bankrupt, we all shop on Amazon, writes historian and author, Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report.

The horrendous outcomes may have been anticipated or unanticipated, but the results remain the same.

“Among the 34 economies with a nominal GDP greater than $200 billion that had reported real GDP data by Sept. 2, 31 were in recession, while two countries — Chile and Sweden — were one quarter away from one. Only China, the world’s second-largest economy, saw real GDP expand in the second quarter,” reports S&P Global.


Internasjonalt gjennombrudd: Samtaler med senatorer, advokater, CIA, journalister - Hanne Nabintu Herland Report


The United States is now locked in an economic civil war over who is to own the country, its assets and global trade.

President Trump has, from the beginning, spoken of national interest, jobs back to American workers, internationalist corporations paying taxes again, halting the monopoly structures that quench local businesses, reinstating the respect for the Constitution with its profound respect for the Judeo-Christian values. And establish fair trade with China that also benefits the U.S. working class.




Socialist Billionaires joined China as the push for lockdown gives China double digit growth: The globalist model of acquiring the world’s wealth assembled in the hands of the top elite was at stake from the very second Trump was chosen.

The globalists who also own the media have attempted for years to remove Trump – Russia Gate, impeachment and so on. By fueling the media with fear, yet another attempt on Trump is on the way.

Paul Craig Roberts about "Trump. The Battle for America" by Bestselling author Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report
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In the 2020 financial melt-down, it seems that the globalists have jointed China in attacking the US economy.

This is a new chapter in the US – China trade war, with empty shelves all across the West soon to be filled by Chinese products. It is a government ordered shutdown of Western economy, not determined by lack of demand. The West is under siege by a cunning enemy.

The current economic crisis arguably has three components: The falling oil price due to the slowing down of the Chinese economy. Russia’s no to OPEC+ took a hit at US shale oil and helped spur low oil prices of which the rise of China is dependent.

Saudi Arabia is increasing their production, China as main customer. Number two: The fear of death from the Corona virus.

Number three: The enhancing of this fear coming from the globalist owners of the Western media in order to finally “get to Trump”.

As the Chinese markets fell due to the outbreak, stocks plunged and the China government allegedly responded by buying up stocks and nationalizing assets.

Reportedly, they are now doing the same in the financial crisis.

It was at this point that China’s President Xi Jinping used the term “a devil” about the virus.

Those who have studied Confucianism know exactly what it implies pertaining to Chinese fury.

“Xi’s terminology is a major clue. He said, on the record, that this was war. And, as a counter-attack, a “people’s war” had to be launched,” writes political analyst Pepe Escobar.

Here is a key piece of information that few comment on: This was right after President Trump signed the fair trade agreement with China back in January, 2019, correcting currency manipulation and intellectual property laws.

The Chinese may have felt that they lost face. Two weeks later, news of the Corona erupted amid record low unemployment in the US. Much to the distress of CNN who together with its mainstream media owners have tried to crush Trump for years.

Ironically, CNN now confirm the massive Trump gains since he took office, the same gains that CNN formerly denied, only now in order to demonize how the market crash hurts Trump.

It is remarkable how undisclosed intentions are on display in the current US mainstream media. They are still happy to hurt Trump, even if it takes the whole country down.


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Hanne Nabintu Herland is a historian of comparative religions, bestselling author and commentator. She is the founder of The Herland Report news and opinion website which provides independent analysis from Western intellectuals, ground breaking YouTube interviews and Podcasts, cutting through the mainstream media rhetoric. This is a great place to watch interviews with leading intellectuals, thought leaders from across the political spectrum. Herland’s books include Respect, Det Nye Babylon, The Culture War.

In the 2020 book, New Left Tyranny. The Authoritarian Destruction of Our Way of Life, she shows how the neo-Marxist New Left turned their back on historical Western principles and became a destructive authoritarian force. Her latest book Trump. The Battle for America is also available on Amazon and in over 60 countries world-wide. It states that Donald Trump may be the most demonized president in US history. Why? Because he challenges the globalist elite, who also own the media. With his “America First” slogan, he launched a battle on the globalist leaders that for decades have benefitted from the outsourcing of jobs and wealth to China. Amid the now infamous Corona scandal, Black Lives Matter riots and Marxist revolution, Trump seeks to reinstate law, order and national sovereignty. Will he succeed?

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