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Krigens arvinger. Motstandsheltenes etterkommere forteller – Nanna Segelcke

Krigens arvinger Nanna Segelcke sepia portrett snitt HErland Report

  Herland Report:  Krigens Arvinger av Nanna Segelcke seiler opp til å bli årets beste julegave med deltagere som Kristin Skogen Lund, Marianne Bratteli, Nicolai Nansen, Helge Hjort, Mette Manus og Tomm Berntsen. “Tidlig oppfattet mitt barnesinn at denne verden ar en grufull bakside,” skriver datter av Trygve Bratteli, Marianne Bratteli. “Det var som om lukten av krutt og skrikene …

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Syria Now… Libya Next? Erdogan Plays Both Sides, Steve Brown

erdogan reuters turkey.jpg

  Herland Report: As the dust settles in Syria subsequent to the US exit from the debacle that it so created in 2011, the festering sore that is Libya must once again come to the fore. Recall that Hillary Clinton and Mahmoud Jibril made the case for regime change in Libya and although the US seemingly abandoned oil-rich Libya after …

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Stalinist Show Trial of Julian Assange, Paul Craig Roberts

Julian Assange, Holberg Prize

  Herland Report: We Are Witnessing the Death of the Western World. I never thought that the English would abandon their concept of law as a shield of the people’s civil liberty.  But they have.  The English justice system serves as an appendage of the American Police State.  Neither the US nor the UK can any longer lay claim to …

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Mutilation against children to force Sex Transition, Texas horror story

Texas transgender orthodox Jeffrey Younger and son James.jpg

  Herland Report: This is America in 2019: Where the so-called experts purport to believe that a little boy can declare that he’s actually a girl and the supposedly loving and correct thing to do is give him puberty blockers, administer cross-sex hormones, and possibly encourage him through “medical transition” — the surgical removal of his penis — which is, …

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Vi lever i et partidiktatur der politikere i stor grad ikke tjener folket, Lars Rønbeck

lars rønbeck Herland Report

  Herland Report TV programleder, Hanne Herland samtaler med Lars Rønbeck om partidiktatur og direktedemokrati.  “Vi lever i et partidiktatur der politiske karteller i Oslo styres av andre hensyn enn folkets beste. Vi har ikke et folkestyre der folkeviljen gjennomføres,” sier tidligere offiser i forsvaret, Lars Rønbeck, som leder folkebevegelsen for direktedemokrati i Norge. Han etterlyser et systemskifte i Norge …

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Turn for the worse for Western Rape Capital Feminist Sweden

Rape Capital Feminist Sweden: denmark-border-control-sweden-violence-2019 Herland Report.jpg

  Herland Report: Rape Capital Feminist Sweden: As Denmark now sets up border controls with Sweden, due to civil unrest, the story of Sweden has taken yet another step for the worse. Financial Times states how bombing attacks in Copenhagen are linked to Swedish gangs, to the point that the Danes need to close the border to boost security. In …

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