The Empire of Lies. Paul Craig Roberts.

The Empire of Lies: How the United States got Corrupted by Greed and Injustice and faces Collapse


The Empire of Lies is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ latest book, in which he analyses the events that have led to the end of the United States as we knew it to be the land of the free and the home of the American dream.

The Empire of Lies. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
The Empire of Lies. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Buy it here.

His bet is on collapse, not recovery, pointing out that “the US financial system and, probably, the financial system of Europe, like the police, no longer serves a useful social purpose.”

Dr. Roberts’ solemn prediction is that a nation cannot survive a leadership that abandons the very founding values that have brought that nation to its success. Buy the book here.

Discussing the elements that have led to the coming collapse, Dr. Roberts lists corruption among its elites, economic and political deception, the implementation of communist tools that serves the elites’ attempts to hide from the people what is really going on.

In this regard, the weaponization of journalism and the now close to total corruption of the media, which has been bought by the economic elites and thereby serve as their mouthpiece.




The Empire of Lies: When free speech is renounced, communist values such as a “Ministry of Truth” is imposed, those who disagree with its leftwing leadership are labelled “terrorists” and the best interest of Americans in general are not taken care of, it is but a question of time before the collapse.

The continuous manipulation of the economy, exemplified by the manipulation of the gold price, the US dollar, the inflation hoax, the role of the Federal Reserve and Big Banks are all discussed in detail.

Dr. Roberts also addresses the Covid-19 deception, the Ukraine war and narratives from World War II to illustrate why he claims that the United States has developed into an Empire of Lies.  Buy the book here!

The article was first published May 21, 2023.


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