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Jaron Lanier Channel 4 on Facebook algorithms Herland Report

Silicon Valley guru Jaron Lanier: Too many controlling Facebook algorithms


Herland Report: The amount of Facebook algorithms is at an all time high, most people reaching only to a few of their friends now.

What used to be a free spirited platform for everyone, is now probably the most censored platforms.

All over the world people complain about being shut down, account deleted, posts “against community standards.” What they did was post something Conservative, anti-war, some post that criticized feminism etc. The freedom we once had, is now lost.

New York Times steady reporting on new layers of Facebook algorithms, adds to the climate of toxicity. The layers now are as shocking as they are sad, pointing in the direction of pure censorship of free speech.

Jaron Lanier Channel 4 on Facebook algorithms Herland Report

Gina Bianchini, CEO at Mighty Networks writes about this, stating that the Facebook era is over. Mostly older people engage now as the younger audience flocks to Instagram.

Take a listen to Silicon Valley guru Jaron Lanier’s talk with Channel 4 on how social media and the massive control that you are not aware of, is ruining your life.




While the chattering class of Silicon Valley will brush this story aside as another PR talk about Facebook’s powerful and monopolistic network effects–where the value of the network grows with each new user who joins–that analysis alone misses the fundamental shifts happening under our feet.

The same viral loop that catapulted Facebook into every corner of Earth is now slowly turning the other way towards its unwinding. The days of Facebook’s growth and inevitability are behind it.”


Facebook ban on Facebook criticism Herland Report
And just to add to the tendency, this article, critical of Facebook, was censored as “against community standards” and could not be viewed on Facebook when it was posted.

And just to add to the tendency, this article from Herland Report was censored as “against community standards” the very minute it was posted, and could not be viewed on Facebook after one minute. Facebook will not allow criticism of their own policies, we assume.

Jaron Lanier is one of Silicon Valley’s top gurus, Facebook will not allow posts where he is vocal about his advise to young people: Shut down social media and get a life.


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