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Europe in freefall, solidarity withering: We need Conservative Values – Hanne Nabintu Herland speech


Herland Report:In the West, we have largely departed from a more democratic political system where the media’s role was to produce objective informationand present multiple views, to a now authoritarian structure where a handful of the world’s economic elites control the system. 

The same elite owns the newspapers by and large, and thereby decide what is written. Over 90% of the media in the United States is now owned by six media companies, which share common memberships on each other’s boards of directors.

There has been vast consolidation to a western media monopoly, and the Norwegian press—especially foreign policy —is largely made up of translated articles from the American press and news agencies.

We are gathered at this PDK conference in Oslo, Norway to reflect on the future of Europe and some of the reasons why our continent now finds itself in dramatic upheaval, something today’s politicians seem blind to.

 Hanne Herland
New Left Tyranny author, bestselling Scandinavian author, Hanne Herland is a regular contributor to the leading Conservative outlets in the United States. The book is available on USA Amazon, UK Amazon here . «This is a remarkable book by a remarkable person. Excellent work.” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, leading American political economist


The role of the media


The independent role of the press has weakened and the press freedom diminishing, the media has become a megaphone for the global elite’s anti-democratic agenda.

Journalists write what they know is expected of them, namely to uphold the politically-correct narrative; the hidden threat is losing their job, tarnishing their reputation, being passed over on the career ladder—the risks are many and are not to be taken lightly.

The problem is that the voice of the people is no longer afforded the same weight.

There is now a vast difference between what regular people think and what we read about in the politically correct media. We have formed parallel realities — not just in the deadlocked and destructive debate on immigration which focuses along racial lines, but between the people and the arrogant media elites, between how the population perceives a negative social development and the politically-correct picture the media paints of the world.

The people question why their voice is not heard, why their opinion is cracked down on, their belief in national values laughed at while the political elites push for a ruthlessly radical, globalist and internationalist agenda.

In Norway, the media receives around NOK 8 billion in support from the state. But newspaper circulation still declines dramatically, as we all know. Now they are desperately asking for even more support to be given to the faltering mainstream newspapers – more millions from taxpayer’s money.

The press unambiguously speaks with one tongue, they all have approximately the same opinions or world view, presenting these as though we still live in the 1930’s Germany and still are run by the Goebbels propaganda ministerium.

The whole point of press support was to contribute to a wide range of opinions, yet this is precisely what we are lacking. The money is being used purely on the consolidation of power and authoritarian streamlining.

For example, over 70% of the Norwegian population believes in God according to the broad-based international questionnaire ISSP 2008, and 84% belong to a religious community.

Moreover, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, in Europe around 80% of people say that they believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God. The statistic is about the same in the United States.

Nevertheless, we have an anti-Christian, anti-religious media elite that harass, belittle and seem to loath us believers, as though we were heading for a new wave of persecution against Christians—which I, for one, believe we are. We are stuck with an outdated, anti-Europe ideology from the 1970s, while we now live in 2017.


De-democratisation of Western countries


“Populism” has become a negative word, despite the fact that the word refers to a politician or social leader who actually listens to the people.

We have distanced ourselves so far from the genuine definition of a democracy – the rule of the people – that the people’s voice is deemed to be nothing more than “the useless dregs”. We have been through a most serious circumscription of values, departing from the constructive focus on traditional European values and heading into those that are trending now—nihilism, hedonism and value relativism.

This combined with remarkably weak political leaderships that cannot even solve the refugee crisis, despite the fact that they know it is pure Islamist strategy to invade and destabilize Europe precisely by using our very mild values of freedom such as democracy, freedom of speech and gentleness, kindness and cheer—all of this weakness stems from the ideology that controls the EU.

And the European people’s opinions count for no more than rubbish, the elite know best.

The same contribute to the sale of arms and warfare in the Middle East—we actively and most brutally bomb others’ countries with absolutely no respect for international laws and national sovereignty—and this is just what destabilizes country after country in the Middle East and leads to the streams of refugees, terror and ethnic divides that now characterize Europe.

Our elites have become the worst brutes of the world, causing warfare and calamity all over the world, with little justice in sight.

Protests from European populations are sweeping the continent—in Italy, Spain, Greece and France. We are so steeped in the globalists’ agenda that if someone makes any good claims about the nation state—such as the greatness of historical Europe, or the greatness of Christianity —they are instantly brought before the toughest media prosecutor.

I am referring to the fact that a person is called “racist” because he emphasizes that European tradition is important to uphold in Europe, “old fashioned” because he believes in family, “irrational” because he believes in the spiritual dimension.

If a Saudi says he is proud of Saudi culture, a Pakistani of Pakistani religion and culture, no one protests. But try stand up in Europe for European values, and you will be called a “fascist.”

The Nazi stamp is used to brand any pride in one’s own culture, even though NAZI is the acronym for National Socialism in Germany, and was national socialist.

Nazism was extreme left-wing, not extreme righthere again we have been fooled. And so, we forget that it was the same ideologiesthe so-called neo-Marxiststhat also dominated the intellectual arena after World War II.

They did not change their pre-war ideology, but merely modified it, hence the name ‘neo-Marxist’. Hand-in-hand they moved with the same German industrial capital right into the next project: forming Europe into a European Union.

These were the architects behind what I call regional socialism, which we see carried through to today in the EU. We went from national socialism to EU socialism, and both have gone equally badly, to roughly quote British foreign secretary Boris Johnson during the Brexit debate.


Democracy stolen by a new elite


Noam Chomsky, the United States’ most widely known intellectual and the most cited researcher within the humanities of our time, has long stated that the United States is no longer a democracy, power is concentrated in too few hands.

A recent study from Princeton University came to the same conclusion. The study elucidates how American institutions have gone from democratic to oligarchical, with the wealthy on both the left and right controlling the United States in a fairly coordinated manner.

This is far from consistent with the will of the American people. A full 74% of the population is against launching another war in the Middle East according to Public Policy Polling.

Yet President Obama attacked more countries than any other American president in history. He makes Bush look like an innocent lamb.

According to CNN, the list of countries that the US attacked under the watch of Obama is a long one: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Cameroon, Syria and the list goes on. No other president has spent more money on military armament.

As we know, Norway saw fit to award the very same president the Nobel Peace Prize, just after he took his seat in the Oval Office. It would only be natural, considering Norway continues to award the Peace Prize to precisely whomever the politically-correct Americans want.

And if we know Norway and the United States, then this year’s prize will go to the White Helmets, which are an al-Qaeda-affiliated faction in Syria.

We are now supporting radical Islamists in the Middle East—even though reports in our newspapers say the opposite is true—and we are working against the secular, moderate Muslim ruling powers in the region. One can guess that this happens in the name of profit, and that once again the richest of the rich are profiting on these wars.

Someone has “stolen democracy” from us, taken control over the political processes inside Washington, they are funding lobbying activities, paying politicians and ensuring that policy decisions are made in favour of the big businesses.

A good example is George Soros: perhaps the world’s biggest profiteer on the hedge fund investment principle where you wager a bet on whether a country’s economy will do well or poorly, for example, and then take away billions if it pans out in line with your bet. People like these are the ones who are pulling strings behind what is covered in our media who have become the echo chamber of the ultra-rich, the ones who are controlling public opinion, presidents and nations.

Soros is now known far and wide as the man who strongly influenced the destabilisation of Ukraine and Malaysia’s economic crisis some years ago.

This is also the man who pays for demonstrations against Donald Trump by the so-called feminist movement and Black Lives Matter in the United States and so on.

It is almost an all-out state of civil war in the United States; people are threatened and struck down in the streets for having a different opinion than what the mainstream media dictates.

On the other hand, Soros does not just stick to the finance world’s qualified analyses on where stocks are most likely to rise or fall, or whether the British pound or the U.S. dollar are likely to weaken or grow stronger.

On the contrary, he gets actively involved and sponsors resistance movements in countries where he has wagered money on their having major issues, and he funnels hundreds of millions of dollars into social unrest that then leads to violent insurrection. As with Ukraine, Soros and his co-conspirators earned billions once war broke out.

Soros is just one example of the 62 people who, according to Oxfam, now own more than 50% of the world’s wealth. We often forget that the U.S. central bank is privately owned by just a few families, for example.

If you listen to former chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan or Ben Bernanke in their speeches, it is clear that the Federal Reserve reserves the right to be above the law in the United States.

They are threatened with an economic collapse in the United States—a state that is now around 20 trillion dollars in public debt—if Congress enforces inspection. Among other things, the Federal Reserve’s accounts are kept secret; Trump recently wanted to force through a public release and this of course was met with large protests.



Norway, the Clinton Foundation and the Libyan Civil War


It was also Soros who to a great extent funded Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Clinton Foundation, to which the Norwegian government has given hundreds of millions.

It has done so right alongside Saudi Arabia—our closest ally in the Middle East via the alliance with the United States—a country where homosexuals are beheaded, where you get the death penalty for leaving Islam, where women are not allowed to drive cars and the freedom of the press is virtually non-existent.

Some time ago, people attributed a large number of punishment methods to ISIS, but they are actually identical to the ones practised in Saudi Arabia.

ISIS was hailed in the Saudi media when they first appeared, and it has long been known that Saudi, Qatar and Turkish money goes to financing ISIS.

In the run-up to the Libyan Civil War, the Al Thani family in Qatar poured millions into the Clinton Foundation. With this, Qatar was an especially active contributor to the Libyan Civil War, together with Norway.

As is known, Norwayin addition to Saudi Arabia and Qataris among the foreign countries to have given the most funding to Clinton, according to Judicial Watch.

So here we have nice, close-knit ties—we push for the same agenda over and over again. Norwegian soldiers are now on the battlefront in Syria, on the Saudi Arabian side of the conflict. Why do we remain silent? It is our tax money and our oil revenues that are going to financing this kind of political corruption.

Just as President Eisenhower feared when he delivered his farewell address to the American people in 1961—that the military-industrial complex would take control of the American democratic government and lead it into “war, war and more war” to its own advantage—this is precisely what is happening.

The Middle East is being transformed into one big repetition of the Holocaust.

Norway has globalists and internationalists such as leader of the Labour Party Jonas Gahr Støre. and Støre knows perfectly well what globalisation has led to: the rich become even richer without so much as an iota of sympathy for the millions of Arabic, Syrian and Libyan lives that are destroyed in the process.

Behind the pretty façade, our political systems are rotten through and through. All across the Middle East, the Arab Spring—which we supported—contributed to the fact that states with secular and moderate Islamic forms of government were crushed and Islamic extremism, or political systems of Islam dominated by Wahhabism, were introduced in country after country.

Consequently, it is here that the political elite now fall short rather than offering resistance against the current economic upper class and contributing to a more equal distribution of the benefits, thus allowing the development.

As Professor Victor D. Norman brilliantly lectured on in his final lecture at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in 2016: globalisation requires a redistribution of the global efficiency gains via taxation, while the tax models in Europe and the rest of the world have been based on lower taxes on capital which has made the capital owners filthy rich, at the cost of the average taxpaying citizen. The rich are becoming richer and the middle-class poorer.

Victor Norman called attention to the fact that, according to economist Keynes, economics are about three things: combining economic efficiency, social justice and individual liberty.

Economics are thus a normative—value-based—business that are not just about financial profit for the richest, but call for “an unselfish and enthusiastic spirit, which loves the ordinary man”, to quote Keynes. Norman reminds us that economic studies are politics and that they were politics right from the start.

Economic studies are different than other social sciences in that they are a normative subject, Norman stated. Economists have always been concerned with how things should be and have been on the lookout for good solutions to social issues.

Conclusion. It can be readily seen that in order to solve a number of these serious issues that now threaten Europe, we need, among other things, completely different media elite and politicians who dare to tackle Europe’s actual problems instead of just eating cake in the Parliament’s canteen.

We need to strengthen democracy—the idea of the rule of the people. We should strengthen the nation state, secure our borders as well as reintroduce the respect for other nations’ rights to govern their own land.

We need to put a halt to our participation in the brutal, U.S.-led wars—which we also earn billions from in a warring nation such as Norway. As we know, we are one of the world’s leading arms exporters, selling arms to all kinds of conflicts, fuelling strife and conflict through our sneaky diplomats who work on behalf of the US.

We are not a peaceful nation at all. We need to restore the traditional values that once made Europe stable, prosperous nations founded on hard work ethic as a precondition to success.

Hope lies in the population waking up and offering resistance to this hostile takeover of our democracies. What is needed is for the European people to contribute to political revolutions and social change that may put what is best for the people back on the agenda.  



Also check out these topics at CNN or FOX News. Other sources may be New York TimesUSA Today, the Washington Post or from the British angle, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph or Financial Times.

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