UK Lockdown Files: United Kingdom flag. The US Fought World War II Against Great Britain to finish off British Empire:

UK Lockdown Files: Leaked WhatsApp messages document UK deliberate scare tactics to force Covid measure compliance


UK Lockdown Files: The Telegraph1,2 has reviewed more than 100,000 leaked WhatsApp messages sent between health officials, ministers and other government officials, showing the British government was intentionally deploying scare tactics to force compliance with lockdowns and other COVID measures.

UK Lockdown Files: As reported by The Telegraph:3

“[Then-Health Secretary] Matt Hancock wanted to ‘deploy’ a new COVID variant to ‘frighten the pants off’ the public and ensure they complied with lockdown, leaked messages seen by The Telegraph have revealed …

In a WhatsApp conversation on Dec 13 … Damon Poole — one of Mr. Hancock’s media advisers — informed his boss that Tory MPs were ‘furious already about the prospect’ of stricter COVID measures and suggested ‘we can roll pitch with the new strain’ …

Mr. Hancock then replied: ‘We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain.’ Mr Poole agreed, saying: ‘Yep that’s what will get proper behaviour change’ … ‘When do we deploy the new variant,’ asked Mr. Hancock …

The exchange was not the only time the former health secretary and other senior officials discussed tactics to frighten the public into compliance.

Six months earlier, in June 2020 — when the UK was coming out of its first COVID lockdown — Mr. Hancock and Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, appeared pleased that a study on the virus’s spread showing it going in a ‘positive direction’ had not received publicity, while a ‘gloomy’ survey had been picked up by the media.

‘If we want people to behave themselves maybe that’s no bad thing,’ said Mr. Hancock in a WhatsApp message. Sir Patrick appeared to agree, responding: ‘Suck up their miserable interpretation and over deliver’ …

Four months later, in Oct 2020, Mr. Poole suggested in a group chat that a decision to stop publishing a so-called watchlist of the areas with the highest prevalence of the virus would be helpful to the Government, because it would make every area of the country concerned about the spread of COVID in a second wave.

‘It helps the narrative that things are really bad if we don’t publish,’ messaged Mr. Poole. In Jan 2021, Mr. Case suggested that the ‘fear factor’ would be ‘vital’ in combatting the latest COVID wave during the third lockdown.”




They Never Followed Science


UK Lockdown Files: The messages also show officials mocking and making fun of travelers forced into quarantine and other deplorable behaviors.4 “Any idea how many people we locked up in hotels yesterday?” Case asked Hancock in a February 16, 2021, message. “None. But 149 chose to enter the country and are now in Quarantine Hotels due to their own free will!” Hancock replied. “Hilarious,” Case shot back.

Aside from revealing unsavory personality traits, the messages clearly prove that decisions were made on the fly, and for political reasons rather than scientific ones. For example, in June 2020, then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided not to lift lockdowns based on public polling, which allegedly suggested the lockdown was too popular to mess with.

In another instance, Johnson’s decision to mandate mask wearing in secondary schools across the U.K. was made for no other reason than avoiding an argument with Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, where mask mandates for high schoolers were already planned. Meanwhile, his own chief medical officer, Hancock, told him there were “no very strong reasons” to mask students as the risk of infection was low.

Government Officials Respond to Revelations


UK Lockdown Files: In response to the leaked messages, Sir Charles Walker, a leading member of the COVID Recovery Group — an informal group of Conservative MPs that opposed and voted against lockdowns — told The Telegraph he was “distressed” by the conversations that have now been brought to light, adding:5

“What makes me so angry is the evils and the psychological warfare we deployed against young people and the population, all those behavioral psychologists. And there needs to be a reckoning. We need to understand and fully appreciate the damage that those sorts of campaigns did.

Those voices that raised concerns were just othered. We were positioned as being anti-lockdown, Right-wing headbangers. And actually wanting to do the right thing isn’t Right-wing. We did terrible things to youngsters. We did terrible things to a large number of people. We need to make sure we never do those things again.”

Other COVID Recovery Group members voiced similar concerns and criticisms. Craig Mackinlay, Tory MP for South Thanet, told The Telegraph:6

“An artificial climate of fear was created, which has led to all the corollary outcomes that many of us, particularly in the COVID Recovery Group, were concerned about. Ongoing negative health issues, education issues — and not least the destruction of our economy, as one crackpot idea after another found its way onto the statute book.”

Sir John Redwood, another COVID Recovery Group member agreed, saying the tactics employed “always backfire, they always mislead and they don’t lead to good government.”

Similarly, oncology specialist professor Karol Sikora told The Telegraph7 he was “horrified” when reading the WhatsApp exchanges, in no small part because he has “no doubt” many cancer patients avoided seeking treatment due to COVID fears — fears that were actually unjustified but intentionally hyped.

Indeed, the revelations now flooding out in England and the U.S. paint a gross and unsavory picture of government officials intentionally lying to the public, and people have died and lives have been ruined as a result. On the upside, the call for accountability is finally starting to get louder, as people begin to realize what’s been done to them.

That said, most of these globalist technocrats are still protected by other cabal members in key positions, so whether any of them will ever pay the price for their crimes against humanity remains to be seen. Much of it will depend on the backbone of those in government who are not part of the globalist cabal.



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