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Exclusive Interview with Kristin Flood: Unlocking the Power of Silence in a World of Chaos and Disorder


Kristin Flood speaks about the value of inner silence in this interview with The Herland Report Youtube: “Silence is the starting point for your soul to begin to flourish,” says author, journalist and mindfulness coach, Kristin Flood. Watch it here.

“He who seeks God will find himself, he who seeks himself will find God,” she states.

In the age of materialism, technological development and outer values, we discuss in this interview the inner values, the spiritual realm and the value of silence.

“Silence is an amazing universe. When you begin to know the silence within yourself, you are in touch with the birthplace of your own soul. It is not the final place, but the starting point where your own soul can begin to open up and flourish,” Flood says.



Kristin Flood elaborates: “The inner path is very much about nurturing the quality of silence. Silence is a mystery. An Arab mystic said, he who seeks God will find himself and he who seeks himself will find God. In essence, the path is two ways, towards the divine and towards yourself.”

“In me, it was a basic curiosity that began my journey, it made me dive into these existential, philosophical topics. It happened during my studies in university. I was curious about death, wondering why I was contemplating so much about death and dying. Later in life, I discovered that many begin their inner search with the topic and mystery of death.”




Kristin Flood explains: “The training of your awareness, the inner path that refines your own awareness. When we begin to care about our timespan, we begin to consider very carefully how we spend our time. That time is precious, we can use time to nurture the soul and grow in the inner man. My dedication to silence, contemplation and reflection gives me that sense of nurturing something undefinable within myself, I feel myself growing.”

“The search for the existential silence, apart from the hustle of cities, the rapid pace, mobile phones and TV, advertisements, all this leaves many without peace. Many people do not really know what they long for, but in reality they long for that silence, to get to know your own inner man. There is a path that you may walk in order to learn to know yourself and begin to be more aware of what is going on inside yourself. The point is that you need to move away from that which is so noisy, to take another turn towards other values.”

“The old wisdom has an essence which is the same in so many cultures. You need to put yourself into that challenge. You may be inspired by others, but in order to reach far you cannot buy the solutions, you need to enter the inner path by yourself. It can be painful. Sometimes you see something in yourself that you do not like, you encounter the “inner sabotage” within yourself. There are different forces within you, you must accept that you need to work on that which is truly important, and to find out what you really want to spend your time on the few years you are alive on this planet.”

“Maybe sometimes we turn on the television precisely because we wish to avoid silence. We should be occupied with the meaning of life. In order to find your own meaning of life it is completely connected to your own ability for inner silence.”

“In the silence you begin to find the difference between what is meaningful to you and what is not meaningful for you. You need to find out what is meaningful to you, you may then easier say no that that which you discover does not give you a sense of what is meaningfulness. When you deepen the silence within yourself, you start to grow. We have a sensory perception that picks up the world outside of us, and we have an inner sensory perception as well that picks up that which is within us,” says Kristin Flood in this interview with The Herland Report.

” We are filled with the capacity of perceptions and a deeper understanding, so that we may begin to navigate better in our life. It is a navigating system, we become the captain of our ship as we navigate from our being – not only from doing. Our lives then become much richer. We have lost, as a Western culture, some of that ability to be connected to our own spiritual self. But we have an amazing ability to choose what we wish to do or read nowadays. We need to choose what we wish to read about, spend time in the real reality and not only the virtual reality.” Watch it here.


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