The Islamist persecution of Black Libyans Tawhergha worse than ever


Since 2011, the situation in Libya has deteriorated into a warlord-system in which militia leaders who more or less are part of the Western backed governmental structures, rule local areas in Libya with brute force.

One of the tribes that have been especially affected by the Western backed militia rule in which Islamist groups have remained strong, are the Tawhargha tribe of Libya.

The United Towns Agency for International Cooperation (Geneva), in cooperation with the Center of the League of Arab States in Tunis, organized a symposium on the International Day of the Children of Tawhargha in Tunis, writes Senia El Briensi, Tunis.

This happens today, on Wednesday, 25 April 2018, in order to further raise the awareness of international public opinion to move towards ending the tragedy of these displaced children from their city and highlight their violations.

The seminar was attended by an elite group of Libyan researchers and specialists who follow the file of the Tawergha immigrants, headed by children, from the stage of displacement to the stage of hope of return.


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Omar Ezekir, president of the Federation of Civil Society Organizations in Touragha, said in a statement to the “Africa News Portal” that the seminar aims mainly to call for the adoption of the date of 25 April each year as a global day for the children of Tawergha forcibly displaced from their city and homes, in violation of all values ​​and principles of children’s rights and human rights.


Libyan Tawhargha refugee camp, 2018.


He stressed that the tragedy experienced by the children of Tawergha reflected negatively on their family and social life and on their psychological situation, stressing that these children are turning towards violence and extremism, and appeared to them other physical and psychological diseases, including autism.



He added that the children of Tawergha were deprived of their most basic rights to education, health, housing and family stability, and were simply denied the right to live their childhood like others of their age.




He added that some of the children of Tawergha were in prison, explaining that in 2016 were released four children as young as five years from a prison in Misrata.

In a related context, Iskir considered that the government of Al-Wefaq is unable to resolve the file of the Taawrgha evacuees for its inability to protect itself.


Libyan Tawhargha refugee camp, 2018.


He called on international and regional organizations, including the UN mission, the International Criminal Court, the Arab League and the African Union, to act urgently to stop the tragedy of the people of Tawergha forcibly displaced from their city, especially children.

For his part, one of the refugees from Tawergha, Tunisia, called on the international community to assume its historic responsibilities regarding the suffering of the Tawergha migrants. He pointed out that the Arab League is part of the tragedy experienced by the people of his city, putting the university responsible for the suffering experienced by the people of the city.

UTA International.The Special Envoy of the Arab League to Libya, Ambassador Salaheddine Al-Jamali, stressed that the dismantling of the Tawargha file is a pivotal stage in the comprehensive Libyan settlement process.

Jamali added that the issue of the city of Tawergha is essentially a humanitarian issue, stressing that the Libyan crisis can not be resolved in isolation from this file.

Al-Jamali pointed out that the Arab League is working to resolve the issue of Taawrgha immigrants and will continue its efforts in this regard, but without interference in the internal Libyan affairs.

For his part, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States (Tunis Center) Abdul Latif Obaid said that the file of the children of Tawerghan needs urgent intervention and not wait, stressing the need to rescue these children from the tragedy they live as soon as possible in waiting for activation and ensure their return to their city As a key dog ​​in the process of comprehensive reconciliation in Libya.

Obeid also pointed out that requests will be raised on the file to the Secretariat in order to save the children of Tawergha and put an end to their human suffering.


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