Russia and Wagner Group tried to bring Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to power in Libya: Saif al Islam Gaddafi Libya News Herland Report

The NATO Libya atrocities will not go away, #Khalid al-Khuwailidi al-Humaidi


Herland Report: The NATO Libya atrocities in Libya 2011 do not seem to quite go away. New stories continually appear on the horrifying situation in today’s Libya under militia rule, as the country is continually experiencing a devastating civil war.

The Western media still keeps conveniently silent about the atrocities committed against civilians in Libya, fully aware that the Libya tragedy was a Western invention.


Saif al Islam Gaddafi Libya News Herland Report
Saif al Islam Gaddafi Libya News Herland Report. NATO Libya atrocities.


Both during and after the NATO invasion in 2011, we hardly ever saw pictures of dead civilians in Western media or were informed about the gross atrocities against civilians happening inside Libya.

In connection with the renewed interest in the killing of the Khalid al-Khuwailidi al-Humaidi family, we therefore post this graphic video for Europeans to see what actually happened.

It is estimated that around 40 000 civilians were killed, one million Libyans reportedly fled to Egypt and Tunisia, and are still there today, awaiting peace in Libya to return.




Khalid al-Khuwaildi al-Humaidi’s strong criticism against then French President Sarkozy as the instigator of the war on Libya, is corroborated by the words of the French philosopher Bernard Henri Lévy, as recorded in Libya, 2010.
Lévy was behind the scene, as most know, one of the leading instigators who helped facilitate the war on Libya.

Citation: “Sarkozy called me personally and sends his regards…he says that this war is his personal war, his personal strategic war against the Gaddafi regime…It was not NATOs idea, nor England or the US, it was Sarkozy’s personal invasion. Today, Sarkozy is very glad to see you in this war, Arabs, Berbers, together, hand in hand you will not disappoint Sarkozy, and his troops are following you step by step. Your war is his war etc.”

Warning: Graphic images from Libyan hospitals post-NATO bombings in 2011. NATO Libya atrocities.


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