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9/11 September 11, 2001 World Trade Center true story?


Hanne Nabintu Herland: Over the years many have questioned what really happened during the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in New York, 2001. The official story was that 19 radical islamists associated with Al Qaida hijacked four airplanes and performed suicide attacks in the US.

This sparked the beginning of the coordinated “War on Terror”, and the Muslim world have since experienced US military, economic and political interference on a scale that has brought down nation after nation in that region: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia to mention some.

It has cost the US billions and created some unbelievable amount of hatred against Americans and the United States all over the world.

Those on the receiving end of the military bombardment have seen millions of lives lost, tens of millions refugees, Syria alone has been the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II, writes Hanne Nabintu Herland, historian and founder of The Herland Report.


The Muslim world became enemy number one in the West. Mainstream media has over the past years focused endlessly on Islamic extremism, Al Qaida, ISIS, militants of various sorts and scaring the public into supporting almost any military action against Middle Eastern nations.

In addition, the West has post 9/11 seen a flood of terrorist attacks, again scaring regular citizens to death of Muslims in general.

Militant islam is self-destructive and a bad strategy in the long run, yet has been efficient in destabilizing the whole Middle East. The brutally autocratic systems in the region, the corruption, dividing tribalism, religions fractions and other factors has made it easy for outside forces to meddle in internal affairs.

The Libya war 2011 had, for one, not been possible without exile Libyans’ anti-Gaddafi’s collaboration with France.

It is no news that to divide and rule has always been a strategy, and General Wesley Clark, hero from the Balkan wars, famously spoke about his shock when discovering that taking down nations was the neo-con plan at Pentagon both prior and post 9/11.

But what really happened on that fateful day in September has remained a mystery, as no official, national investigation has been done into the matter. Which, by the way, is a sign in itself that there is something that needs to be hidden from the public.

Then, to 9/11 and what really happened? Dr. Paul Craig Roberts elaborates on his view: Today is the 18 anniversary of 9/11, an event that has turned a once free America into a domestic police state and an international warmonger during the 21st century.

America’s reputation has been shattered along with the Constitution, international law, and seven nations in whole or part. The massive crimes against the Bill of Rights and the population of seven nations are the direct consequence of 9/11.

Global Research has assembled some articles that indicate that not only Americans but the people of the world have been massively deceived about that event.

Over the years I have reported the findings of scientists, engineers, and architects that indicate that the official story is false. I had an open mind for two reasons.  One is that having been an engineering student, I could tell the difference from a building falling down from asymmetrical structural damage and a building blowing up.

The other is that having been involved in policy issues in Washington for a quarter century I knew that such a humiliating defeat suffered by the world’s only superpower at the hands of a few Muslim terrorists would have brought instant demands from the White House, Congress, and media for investigation into how every aspect of the American national security state failed simultaneously on one morning.

Instead the White House resisted the 9/11 families demands for an investigation for one year and never delivered a forensic investigation.  Instead, the country was given a 9/11 Commission Report that was merely the government’s official story of what happened.  No heads rolled.  No one was fired or even reprimanded.  To hold no one accountable for such a massive failure and humiliating defeat is not a believable response if the official 9/11 story is true.

It is much easier for government to deceive people in a democracy where people assume everything is above board than in a dictatorship where they know it is not.


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