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Massive US Economic boost under Trump, media silent #Blacks


Herland Report:  Massive US Economic boost under Trump: The mainstream media are remarkably quiet about it, refusing to address president Donald Trump’s record breaking economy, ahead of the State of the Union Address. 

All we have heard about from CNN the past years, has either been “Russia Gate” or more recently “Impeachment”. Apparently it does not matter to the mainstream media that the US economy is doing remarkably great.

All they care about is attempting to kill president Trump’s reputation, regardless of the excellent work he has done so far.

The United States is in its 11th year of a record-setting economic expansion, a fact that President Donald Trump is expected to highlight in his State of the Union speech to Congress, writes Reuters:

As a candidate in 2016, Trump promised economic growth and job creation. His address to Congress will no doubt focus on some indisputably positive outcomes in these areas.

The unemployment rate is at a 50-year low, for example, and wages are rising for lower-skilled jobs.

For those heavily invested in the stock market, the bull market’s gains have been heady, although they mostly went to a small group of Americans at the top of the economy.

The American economy is booming on such a level that it becomes utterly revealing to watch the mainstream media silence.

US News writes: America is up to its eyeballs in good economic news. The Dow broke 26,000 Tuesday. Unemployment is down and black unemployment, at 6.8 percent according to the latest figures, is the lowest its been since the Bureau of Labor Statics started breaking out the number in 1972. Under Barack Obama it got as high as 16.5 percent.

Layoffs are down, as few now as they were in December 1990. Spending on capital goods is way up. Growth in the GDP is likely to top 3 percent, making it the first time since 2005 the economy has grown at that rate over three consecutive quarters. Businesses are raising wages, paying bonuses and announcing expansion plans.


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Massive US Economic boost under Trump: The massive economic turnaround happened under president Donald Trump. Especially remarkable are the numbers for black unemployment, in which half a million more blacks are employed since December 2016. 

Patrice Lee Onwuka of the Independent Women’s Forum writes: This is a significant achievement. It’s been 17 years since the unemployment rate for blacks hit its previous lowest record rate of 7 percent. Under President Barack Obama, that rate spiked to a high of 16.5 percent.

Black women, who enjoy the highest labor participation rates among women in the labor force, made great strides as well. Some 246,000 black women gained jobs over the past year.




The unemployment rate among black women fell from 7 percent to 5.8 percent. That’s better than declines for white women (from 3.8 percent to 3.4 percent) and Hispanic women (5.9 to 5.3 percent).

Massive US Economic boost under Trump: The economy is improving for black America and should continue to get better as pro-growth and pro-family policies expand our resources and deliver better opportunities.

Black households will feel the first impacts of new tax legislation in our paychecks hopefully as early as next month. The tax reform bill will deliver tax cuts to 80 percent of American households, reducing taxes by about $1,600 on average according to the Tax Policy Center.

The nonpartisan congressional Joint Committee on Taxation finds that Americans in low- to middle-income tax brackets will disproportionately benefit from the tax cuts.

Yet, you hear zero about this in the mainstream media, yet CNN were high on accusations of racism against blacks and disregard for Mexicans and all kinds of allegations when Trump first took office. The hypocrisy seems endless.

President Trump is expected to address the massive economic growth in his State of the Union Address, 2020.


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