The world is not only political but spiritual: Iben Thranholm Hanne Nabintu Herland Report

Iben Thranholm: The world is not only political, but spiritual


Herland Report TV (HTV): In a series of programs, we discuss religion and current affairs with the Danish journalist and theologian, Iben Thranholm.

She states that an intolerant, small atheist minority elite controls popular culture today and dominate the majority views.

2-6 % in the world are atheists, yet in the current mainstream Western culture, they seem to have totalitarian dominion over the rest. This is not by coincidence, read below.


The world is not only political but spiritual: Iben Thranholm and Hanne Nabintu Herland Report
The world is not only political but spiritual: Hanne Herland and Iben Thranholm appear in several Scandinavian TV shows, discussing religion.


The world is not only political but spiritual: “We are in a spiritual warfare and not just a political struggle, ” says Thranholm. She strongly criticizes the anti-religious, illiberal elites for not respecting our traditional faith. Watch the show here.

She states that Europe is in a deep, spiritual crisis as faith is subjugated, even if 75 % of the European population calls themselves Christians, not even counting the millions of European Muslims.

This stems from a New Left Marxist thinking, stating that the world would be a much better place without Christianity. This is what the European elites are pushing for.




Thranholm also states that: “It has become a taboo to speak about religion due to this anti-religious ideology that claims that religion has no value. As long as we remain in this spiritual crisis, I don’t think Europe will be able to defeat Islam. The reason why Islam is so successful here is because we have a spiritual vacuum.” Also watch other programs with Iben Thranholm here and here and here.


The world is not only political but spiritual: Beneath the glossy wrapping of materialism and technological advancement, there is undeniably growing social unrest in the West.

We have been through a cultural revolution since the 1960s that has led to a rampant lack of discipline and order in schools, lack of respect for parents and teachers, a denigration of religious citizens be it Christians or others.

Thinkers like Herbert Marcuse, the father of the student revolution in the 1960’s, speaks openly in A critique of pure tolerance about the need to oppress the views of the majority population in order to succeed in revolutionizing the culture.

Marcuse’s illiberal words reveal the authoritarian New Left pursuit, stating that repressing the worldview of the majority is necessary in order to achieve the desired goal:

To change the value system and revolutionize the West according to the neo-Marxist ideology.

The New Left neo-Marxist ideology has created a war zone in marriages, exploding divorce and suicide rates, mental disabilities, growing poverty as the income gap widens.

A remarkably destructive culture of drug dependency engulf society in an epidemic way as financial crisis due to an unbelievable amount of greed unfolds.

And while all this social problems unfold, the New Left keeps controlling the media, shouting to continue down the hedonist, atheist trail.


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