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Documentation on Alleged Chlorine Attacks in Syria 2014-18 – Tim Hayward

Chlorine attack syria

Herland Report: We all remember how the alleged chemical attack in Douma on 7 April, 2018 led to a missile attack on Syria by the US, France and UK. This briefing note summarizes the results of further investigations of the Douma incident and explains relevant scientific issues. This note also examines the processes by which OPCW Fact-Finding Missions and the …

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The Sergej Skripal case remained allegations. The media now silent, Tim Hayward

Sergej Skripal case

  Herland Report: Update on the Sergei Skripal poisoning and the conspicuously many unanswered questions. Where is the proof? We are still waiting and the media is dead silent. The Skripal story simply vanished. Is it really possible to make such fuss about an alleged “Russian novichok poisoning of Sergej Skripal” and never present evidence? The whole mainstream media was …

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Senator Richard Black in Syria, Watch LEAKED “chemical attack” video


  Herland Report: Republican State Senator Richard Black of Virginia has met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and claimed to have knowledge of an alleged Western plot to stage a chemical weapons attack there as a pretext for military action, Newsweek reports. Black, an Army veteran, traveled to Syria on Wednesday to express his support for the government’s war against insurgents and jihadis …

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Upcoming false flag operation in Syria? Idlib creating “Assad chemical attacks”

Upcoming false flag operation in Syria? Idlib creating "Assad chemical attacks" Herland Report

  Herland Report: On Saturday, August 22nd, AugustRussia warned the US administration that the Russian authorities know all the details of the provocation that is being prepared in the province of Idlib. Republished September 14th, 2018. Terrorists are going to simulate a chemical attack allegedly committed by Damascus, and “in response”. The British, Americans and Frenchmen will strike at Syrian …

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Inge bevis for at Bashar al Assad brukte kjemiske våpen i Syria

Det vulgære Norge: Herland Report banner

  Herland Report: Anklagen om kjemiske våpenangrep fra Assad kan minne om en gjentakelse av kanskje vår tids største falske nyhet, nemlig påstanden om masseødeleggelsesvåpen i Irak som første til invasjonen fra USA. Hans Blix, som representerte FN kunne ikke bekrefte noen funn av slike våpen i forkant. Nå har vi OPCW som heller ikke har kunnet bevise at Assad-regjeringen …

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No chemical attack in Syria: Assad has won the war – Senator Richard Black

No chemical attack in Syria:

  Herland Report: No chemical attack in Syria: Virginia State Senator Richard Black discusses the latest “chemical attack” in Syria as a false flag attempt at pressuring Trump into a reckless confrontation with Russia in Syria. The British have seemed particularly keen on creating a confrontation between world powers in Syria, the Skripal circus illustrates the point.     Senator …

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Dokumentert ingen kjemisk angrep i Douma, Ghouta

Moral greatness of Putin Paul Craig Roberts, Herland REport

  Dokumentert ingen kjemisk angrep i Douma: Erfarne journalister som Pearson Sharp fra den amerikanske TV statsjonen One America News Network har nå vært i Douma, Øst Ghouta i Syria og undersøkt anklagene fra White Helmets om at det skal ha foregått et “kjemisk angrep” i Douma. Det samme har den legendariske journalisten Robert Fisk.  Se førstehåndsdokumentasjonen som Sharp leverer, …

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Trump UK bombing Syria without UNSC mandate

The Quest for Mental Health: Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report

The US and its allies struck civil and military facilities in Syria, violating the UN Charter and international law, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, responding to the American-French-British intervention in Syria. Washington launched “an aggression against a sovereign state which is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism,” the statement from the president said. Putin stressed that the multi-national strikes were not sanctioned …

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Manufacturing Chemical Consent in Syria? #Skripal #Ghouta


  Herland Report: We have for long stated that accusations of chemical attacks would probably be launched from rebels in Syria some time soon in order to provoke an escalation in Western involvement in Syria. Now it happened as expected in Douma, East Ghouta on April 7th, 2018. Yet, reports from the ground state that the “chemical attack” is fake …

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Skripal poisoning only beneficial to Britain?

Sergei Skripal Case, Herland Report

  Herland Report: Judging by the speed and determination with which Theresa May accused Russia and declared an ultimatum after the former spy, Sergei Skripal and his daughter allegedly were poisoned, say that this scandal is necessary for Britain, and to someone behind the scenes. The death of Skripal has no value to Russia, it is argued, the man was …

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