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Bishop Harry Jackson on Racism: Forgiveness is the medicine that heals Wounds

Exclusive interview Bishop Harry Jackson: BIshop Harry Jackson Woodley Auguste Hanne Herland

  The Herland Report TV (HTV): Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to bishop Harry Jackson about forgiveness, hatred, racism and redemption. “My father experienced gross racism, yet he said that I shouldn’t judge people by their skin colour. This was even before Dr. Kings statements became so famous,” says Bishop Harry Jackson, a leading American social conservative activist, commentator, author and …

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The American Sodom and Gomorrah: How to avoid the Fall

The American Sodom and Gomorrah: Billy Graham, Herland Report Reuters

  Herland Report: The American Sodom and Gomorrah: Among the founding values of Christianity is the requirement to love one another and equality regardless of class, creed and gender. Yet, today Christian values are scorned and we are living through a remarkable period of cultural decay. The dominant values are now the very opposite of those suggested by Reverend Martin …

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