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Sløseriombudsmannen – How Artists Squander Public Money – Cave of Apelles

Sløseriombudsmannen - The Squander Ombudsman, Cave of Apelles, Nerdrum School, Herland Report

  Herland Report: The Norwegian government’ reported squandering of public funds has become somewhat of a a Facebook phenomenon thanks to the Norwegian commentator who calls himself Sløseriombudsmannen – which means “The Squander Ombudsman”. Wearing a Venetian mask, the man behind the social media account visits Cave of Apelles to discuss how artists are reportedly wasting taxpayers’ money through the …

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Iconic Odd Nerdrum, the greatest painter since Edvard Munch

  Herland Report: Art is the language of the Gods. Painted with fluid words from another dimension, art ruptures the limitations of language, opposes stagnation and indifference, pleads for change and challenges men to consider the journey through life with a new awareness and a lively gaze, writes historian of comparative religions, author and founder of The Herland Report, Hanne …

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Cave of Apelles: Adara Ryum on Biblical references in Henrik Ibsen plays / Nerdrum School

Cave of Apelles: Adara Ryum on Biblical references in Henrik Ibsen plays / Nerdrum School, Herland Report

  Herland Report: The concealed Biblical references in Henrik Ibsen’s late plays is the topic of this month’s Cave of Apelles, produced by Bork Spildo. The theater expert, Adara Ryum, makes her appearance to talk about the dramatist Henrik Ibsen and performance practice. Ryum points out how «updating» Ibsen always implies turning him into political propaganda, and that «modernizing» classical …

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Nerdrum School Nic Thurman on Memorosa Group, Edvard Munch’s Decline

Nic Thurman on Memorosa Group: Nerdrum School Herland Report

  Herland Report: Nic Thurman on Memorosa Group: In this month’s episode of The Cave of Apelles, produced by Bork Spildo has invited kitsch painter and member of the Memorosa Group, Nic Thurman, to the show. Thurman is the fourth member of the Memorosa Group to guest the show — in addition to Öde Nerdrum, Sebastian Salvo, and William Heimdal …

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Herland Report TV om Norges største maler, Odd Nerdrum “Jakten på Nerdrum”

  Herland Report TV (HTV) har den store glede å presentere et eksklusivt intervju om den nye dokumentarserien “Jakten på Nerdrum” om Odd Nerdrums liv, Norges største maler og en av vår tids største kunstnere. Se TV programmet under. Vi samtaler med sønnen Øde Nerdrum og tidligere Nerdrum elev, Jan-Ove Tuv som forteller om den nye dokumentarserien i seks deler …

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