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Empire spooked by peace talks in the Middle East: Saudi, Iran and the war in Yemen

Peace talks in the Middle East: AP Yemen

  Herland Report: Peace talks in the Middle East: Fruitless talks between Saudi and Iran have been ongoing for some months now. But the idea of ongoing talks to reduce tension in the region seriously spooks Empire, where any minor thaw in militarist tone gets alarm bells ringing inside Washington’s war machine. According to my source, the ongoing probe for rapprochement …

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Easter Speech: Pope Francis calls wars in Syria, Libya, Yemen scandalous, demanding end of military conflicts

Pope Francis on Christmas Day: Speaks about need to end military conflicts

  Herland Report: As the Easter Virgil service took place in the Vatican, with only 200 masked people present in an unprecedented shutdown of the Catholic Easter celebrations in Rome, Pope Francis spoke about the horrendous conflicts in Syria, Yemen, and Libya, imploring for an end to the “clash of arms”. He called it scandalous that “armed conflicts have not ended and …

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The Israel – Saudi alliance: The enemy of my enemy is .. my friend?

The Israel - Saudi alliance: Herland Report AFP

  Herland Report, Paul R. Pillar: The simple notion that any enemy of my enemy is my friend is overriding sober calculation of how Saudi Arabia’s conduct does or does not support U.S. interests. Long before “transactional” became a cliché applied to policies of Donald Trump, the term accurately described the U.S.-Saudi relationship. The partnership brought together the world’s most …

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Khashoggi Murder: Saudi Arabia’s regional position weakened


  The Saudis have spent incredible and tireless efforts on disassociating Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud (MBS) from journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder on October 2, 2018. But claims by some media – directed by Turkey, Qatar, and The Washington Post (for whom Khashoggi was a contributor) – suggest otherwise, writes Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah, a special analyst for the …

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UN Warns 18.4 Millions of Yemenis Expected to face Starvation 2018

Yemen The Hindu

  Herland Report: The United Nations aid chief urged the Saudi-led military coalition that controls Yemen’s ports to expedite imports of food and fuel supplies, warning that a further 10 millions of Yemenis expected to face starvation by year-end, writes Reuters. Yemenis in danger of starving to death may rise from 8.4 million today to 18.4 million by December, 2018. …

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Yemen, starvation is crushing a nation

Yemen Al Jazeera Herland Report

  Herland Report: There are reports that the Washington-initiated and militarily- supported Saudi Arabian war against Yemen have a starving Yemeni population eating leaves. The Saudis, with Washington’s GPS support, continue to target school busses, massacring children as an element of the terror assault against the population, trying to break Yemeni resistance by murdering children on school busses, writes Dr. …

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Obama War president got Nobel Peace Prize

Det vulgære Norge: Herland Report banner

  Herland Report: Hanne Nabintu Herland: Many hoped for peace when Barack Obama won the USA election in 2008. In Europe, everyone was satisfied by USA’s progressive choice and thrilled to be rid of Republican George Bush. It definitely added to the thrill that Obama was a man of color, which led to Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize …

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Jemen krigen – få reagerer fordi vi er alliert med Saudi Arabia som begår overgrepene

Saudi ekstremistisk "Koranen" florerer, som ikke er i tråd med Koranen - Trond Ali Linstad Herland Report

  Jemen krigen er en «glemt» katastrofe. Landet står overfor en av verdens verste humanitære kriser, melder FN. Men verden i stor grad lukker øynene, skriver muslimsk lege og daglig leder for Urtehagen Stiftelse, Trond Ali Linstad for Herland Rapporten. USA er Saudi-Arabias største våpenleverandør og gir lokale ledere etterretningsbistand i krigføringen mot opprørerne. Amerikanske tankfly etterfyller de saudiarabiske kampflyene …

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Pope Francis on Christmas Day: God stronger than darkness & corruption

Pope Francis on Christmas Day: Speaks about need to end military conflicts

  Herland Report: Pope Francis on Christmas Day wished courage and warmth for the world in his Christmas Eve mass homily, as God is stronger than “darkness and corruption,” RT reports.  He also made a phone call to Iraqi refugees who fled ISIS violence, saying that they are “like Jesus” on this night. (Photo: Reuters) “Through the course of history, the …

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