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Black Lives Matter donations exploited to fund rich, white Democrats’ campaign? #ActBlue


Herland Report: Black Lives Matter donations exploited: While the Black Lives Matter funding is said to go to those in need, donations reportedly go directly to a fundraiser called “Act Blue” that has given hundreds of millions to white, rich Democrats running for President. Act Blue is a fundraiser for the Democratic Party. Is this legal?

Act Blue writes about Black Lives Matter that: “There are many ways of supporting the work of Black Lives Matter including making a financial contribution. We’ll put your money to work in the fight for full equality under the law! Please help Move Black Lives with this fund.

We support Black-led rapid response efforts and long-term strategy, policy and infrastructure investments in the movement ecosystem. Your dollars will be put to work where they are needed most. Our focus is on authentic organizations that coordinate actions, messages, and campaigns.”

The impression is given that donations go straight to those in need. Is Black Lives Matter only a shell company, while the funds received from donations simply go to fund white, rich Americans running for President?

Act Blue funds Bernie Sanders, Biden, Elisabeth Warren, which is clear from its financial reports that are available at OpenSecrets.org.

Is the Black Lives Matter cause exploited and donations used to fund raise for Democratic Presidential Candidates?

Act Blue specifies as vaguely as possible that “Your contribution will benefit Movement for Black Lives” which, of course, could be interpreted as supporting Presidential candidates. Still, is this legal in the United States?

If so, at least people should be made aware that when they donate to Black Lives Matter, they are actually donating to the political campaign of white, rich Americans who want to run for President.

“Abolish the Democrat Party,” suggests Marc Levin in a recent tweet. “If we are to purge all vestiges of slavery and racism, it seems to me the most obvious target must be the Democrat Party. It stood for slavery and segregation and birthed the KKK.”


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