Venezuela: A display of U.S Empire in critical decline, Joaquin Flores, Herland Report

Venezuela: A display of U.S Empire in critical decline, Joaquin Flores


Herland Report: U.S Empire in critical decline: Venezuelan President pretender Juan Guaido is about to topple the structures of power in Venezuela, mustering an impressive insurgent and popular military force of …. fourteen men. Yes, surely it is absurd.

But in the details of this ridiculous looking ‘attempt’ at phase n of the coup, so very much needs to be learned about the allegorical black magic of the Color Revolution.

This is a wonderful opportunity to further publicize, for people who seek to obtain it, an understanding of how the U.S understands regime change, mass and social-psychology, power-elite dynamics, writes political scientist and chief editor of Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores.

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Venezuela: A display of U.S Empire in critical decline, Joaquin Flores, Herland Report
U.S Empire in critical decline: Chief editor of Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores is a regular guest at The Herland Report TV. CLICK and watch the shows. The Herland Report Scandinavian news site and TV channel on YouTube has millions of readers/viewers yearly, featuring leading free thinkers, intellectuals, authors and activists on foreign policy, Western cultural decay, religion and the need for international justice and respect for national sovereignty.


We can both learn and affirm the art and science of the Color Revolution, as known as a component of paradigm of 4th Generation Warfare, this specific tactic of hybrid warfare, within the general strategem of soft-power ‘regime change’ operations.

If we are to color these Color Revolutions – Green, Orange, Velvet, Tulip, Purple, Rose – then Venezuela’s is black.

Black, as the magic which has backfired on the practitioners, rendering them diseased, disfigured, and defeated.




The U.S empire, in its phase of critical decline and absolute collapse, seeks to conjure phantoms, trickery, magic, spells, whisper campaigns, defamation, and sleight of hand. The failed Color Revolution on Venezuela, will so be known as the Black Revolution. Watching Guaido conjure imaginary forces in the latest video-address was like watching disgraced Christian televangelist Jim Bakker.

To be sure, the present ‘Military Coup’ in Venezuela is a fiction and because it is publicly known as such, it is therefore already a failure.

It appears a particular network of U.S financed agents are working in over-drive to deliver some semblance of ‘regime change’ results in Venezuela.

There are real budgets on the line here, and Guaido’s handlers are under real duress to show something, anything. Still, in the workings of these fourteen men standing strong with Guaido, the entire art and science of government subversion can be told.


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And so hours ago, international headlines flashed a western-coordinated message in simulcast – ‘Guaido Pledges End of Maduro Era in Militaristic Video’ (the Guardian) , or ‘Attempted Coup Underway in Venezuela’ (CNN) – informing whatever viewers they still have that ‘big things are happening right now’ in Venezuela.

While these headlines certainly catch attention, and we are obliged to report them as breaking news for what they profess to be – the reality is that these are psychological operations that will have little effect on real power in Caracas.

The ‘presentism’ inherent in the nature of news and reporting, can often leave the audience in a perpetual state of short-term memory, and a feeling of ‘awaiting an exciting and new breaking event’. But stepping back and pausing to think, the entire charade exposes itself for what it is.

What it really was, what you really saw, is an exhausted and exhaustible Guaido stand with about fourteen individual men in uniforms purchasable anywhere.

Now, there is a strong chance that these men are indeed military, and there is in fact a point here that we will elaborate further on in the below. Indeed, much of how all of these things operate on the larger scale are signified by these fourteen men.

But to summarize what we are seeing now, even in western reporting, we find a confirmation that the first phase of the psychological operation was a failure – in this phase, we were to be convinced that Maduro was no longer president, that Guaido was already in.

Months ago now, we were told it was only a matter of time, hours, perhaps days, until the transition of power was complete.

And then what happened? Nothing happened, because the sleight of hand, the magician’s illusion was exposed for what it is. This, incidentally, is what the U.S’ whole war on independent media is about, and their war ‘on’ the internet, ‘through’ the internet.

If people do not really believe a transition of power is happening in Venezuela, then people do not behave that way. This is a black magic whose spell has been broken.

If people do not behave as if the government is topping, then the behaviours commensurate with, and determinative of, of a toppling of government, do not occur.

Consular offices around the world, of Venezuela, retain their titular authority.  Investments and international obligations carry on with the actual-existing government in Caracas, headed by Maduro, and this is a huge part of it too.

This entire holographic reality the U.S has failed to create was constructed on this basic idea: if enough people believe it, power can actually be transferred to their designee.

There is a dictum that holds in both community organizing, mass mobilization, and insurgent and counter-insurgent psychology-in-action, of which this author has been both a practitioner and percipient witness. It is understood, as it was distilled in the writings by Gene Sharp and based in turn on the works of Saul Alinsky, that power is constantly in flux, is based upon perception and agreement, is redefined every-day, and can change hands very rapidly.
Thinking people and skeptics in the west often misunderstand these as leftoid or traditionally, at least dogmatically, Marxian conceptions of power, because of the association with Alinsky, community organizing, labor unions and syndicates and the left. This is a massive error of immense proportions, and anyone professing such would be met by the ridicule it deserves.

Rather, Marxian conceptions have power understood through the prism of class, in turn and in the final analysis determined by the productive forces and social relations – all together the mode of production.

But in the black magic, the artistic science of toppling governments by way of the Color Revolution, the ‘class struggle’ component is all but a demagogic illusion, and reinforced by confirmation bias and wish-fulfillment of the predisposed.

Rather, power – in the artistic black magic science of toppling governments – is understood already as an interlocking directorate of power-elites, whose interests are only mutual in a transitory and conditional sense. U.S Empire in critical decline.

Therefore, to topple a government is the science and art of breaking-up inter-elite networks, and pitting an interlocking directorate against itself. It is to create a civil war among the elites. That is why in the ‘Color Revolution’ scenario it is so important if a diplomat, minister of economy, oligarch, or general declares for the rebellious side. These have very little to do with Marxian analysis of power and Marxian conceptions of revolution in the traditional, rudimentary, vulgar, or common sense of the understanding.

This basic idea of power as transitory and conditional holds a significant amount of truth, it is the reason why the information war – these psychological operations – are indeed so important. And here it is not Marx that we take from to understand power, but Baltasar Gracian, Niccolo Macchiaveli, and Xenophon of Athens.

From this bifurcation, we see clearly then why the declarations of the U.S media hologram lost its steam. The axiom that repetition of the lie becomes the truth holds in many cases, but not in the artistic science of the Color Revolution – here it only takes on dimensions of stagnation, fatigue, and the syndrome of ‘the boy who cried wolf‘.

Rather than becoming more true,  it is something that becomes less true every time the story needs to be claimed and re-framed again:

Maduro lost power, but is still in power? Guaido has power, but still needs to seize it?

Maduro has lost authority, and it is only merely the government, the military, the international community, and the people that falsely buttresses him up? (Photo: Maduro. Getty)

For to be ‘narratively’ consistent, Western media might have us read that Maduro’s coup is succeeding, for he has usurped the legitimate authority of Trump’s hallucination of ‘constitutional powers’ vested by the National Assembly into Guaido.

But then that would be the wrong psychological-operation method to take as well – to say he is ‘succeeding in his coup’ is to say that he is succeeding, and the ‘mass psychology of the stampede’ then works in the direction of Maduro’s power.

And for all these contradictions, we understand why the U.S attempts at staging a coup in Venezuela have failed.

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In reality, Venezuela’s military intelligence worked diligently to infiltrate the coup generals – contrary to popular mythology, Chavez was not arrested by generals against him, but taken into safety by generals who supported him, posing as coup generals. The other coup generals were fooled, conned, the coup was reversed from the inside – a coup within the coup.

He was taken away to safety, not to arrest. Palacio de Miraflores after all is only a building, and real functions of government simply continued on as they always do in reality – with those who have those powers and relationships.

And so these fourteen men standing with Lopez and Guaido, they are telling of something. But here is the trick:

The U.S knows that a direct militarily, an intervention into Venezuela would be a disaster. The desire now is not to create a failed state, for it does not border Iran or Russia – rather, they border a series of now-important U.S client states, and furthermore, in the American hemisphere.

It is always therefore best to take a government out through a coup, and to stage a coup, you need coup-supporting generals in the military.

And so this trick works to Venezuela’s military intelligence advantage, for as long as the U.S knows that it desires a coup, and everyone knows that a coup is desirable, then all sorts of resources are put into staging a coup.

And the U.S therefore is susceptible to imagine coup supporters and allies where there are none. It becomes a massive vacuum of information, resources, and misplaced beliefs over what is possible and impossible.

So among these fourteen men standing with Guaido and Lopez, it is truly amazing that they are not arrested moments, hours, or days later. But on second thought, it is anything but amazing. If and when Guaido is arrested, it will most probably be done by those fourteen men. Read the full article here.


About the author

Political scientist, Joaquin Flores is the chief editor of Fort Russ News and the director for Center for Syncretic Studies. He is a graduate from California State University in Los Angeles and an accomplished journalist who currently lives in Belgrade.


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