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Western economy crushed by Corona Fear as China pushes foreign policy agenda


Herland Report: China pushes foreign policy agenda: With the whole Western economy in lock down, almost every county, every town facing the worst financial catastrophe in a century, China was smart enough to only shut down the epicenter of one city, Wuhan and corresponding areas.

China now leads the world as president of the People’s Republic, Xi Jinping spearheads how the world tackles pandemic crisis. What he does, we all follow and implement.

As China has set the example for lock down in an unprecedented move, Western nations willingly followed the Chinese example and shut down their own economies too.

Yet, the West did not notice that China only closed down the epicenter and national borders, but the West closed down the whole nation, severely impacting the economy on a level that may not be seen in China.

As the fear of a virus consumes the West and a leaderless EU desperately tries to coordinate its globalist effort, China is now spending its time aggressively pushing its national sovereignty foreign policy agenda.

The US struggles with internal strife, hatred towards its own president, its media bent on destroying Trump and a country with mass unemployment.

The group think, globalist EU leadership ran to shut down its economies when WHO’s Dr. Tedros on March 10th said approx. 3.5 % dead among those who contracted the virus.

60-80 % of the population were expected to contract it, the math showed millions dead.

Bill Gates spelled the pandemic of a century that could kill far more than seasonal influenza, 1 % death rate.

It quickly rather became the economic melt down of a century. Nobody remembered that China only shut down its epicenter.

The socialist EU is ruled by committees with no clear leader, even Norway who is not even a member instantly obeys.

Almost no one in Europe even knows who is currently leading the EU, is it Mogherini, Tusk, we guess a feminist female, but which woman now rules Europe? 

China, on the other hand, is unified under one leader, respectfully adhering to Confusianist priciples of order, family and hard work. Under Marxist-Leninist, Xi Jinping, the country is returning to its cultural roots.

China is now strengthened its claim over islands in the South China Sea that control one of the world’s most important water ways, as its president, Xi Jinping bears in mind that these islands will be crucial for Western control or regional forces in case of a military conflict.

With the fresh memory of the US led NATO steadily moving towards Russia’s border, in spite of the NATO promises to Gorbachev not to do so post 1989, Beijing naturally understands that a similar scenario is in the build up towards China.

The US goal of acquiring military bases close to China’s borders becomes a major goal, now as a top priority to stop.

This may mark the spectacularly tragic end to Western liberal hegemony on a level and speed never seen before.

It may be argued that the Chinese Sun Tzu masters have duped the world in a remarkable showdown of power.


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North Korea may see hard line China ally take power?


China pushes foreign policy agenda: The case of North Korea may be seen in this context. China has long disliked Kim Jong-un’s flirt with president Trump, a move that could result in North Korea over time opening up towards the West.

The reunification of Korea has been a goal for South Korea for many years, a country with close ties to the United States.

China’s fear may be to get the US allied armies on its border if the reunification became a reality. Kim Jong-un has been viewed as weak.

We are also likely to see a hard line China ally take power in North Korea, if the current dictator,  Kim Jong-un is pronounced dead.




Hong Kong and WHO control


China pushes foreign policy agenda: China is now moving quickly to track the allegedly Western organized revolt in Hong Kong and move on Taiwan with military procedures.

Simply the extensive Western media coverage of every move the Hong Kong protesters have done, reflects world skepticism towards its originality.

Has it been a CIA led uprising, resembling what we saw in the Arab Spring, consequently smashing Middle Eastern nations? These are questions posed by the Chinese and others.

According to The New York Times, China struck back at protesters on April 18, “The arrests signaled a broader crackdown on the anti-government movement.”

Business Insider writes that China is also using its wealth to push its agenda towards formerly Western organizations such as the WHO, now under question for politization.

It pledged funding to the World Health Organization after the US announced it was freezing funding.


 China pushes foreign policy agenda:Herland Report
China pushes foreign policy agenda: Hanne Nabintu Herland is a historian of comparative religions, bestselling author and founder of The Herland Report. 


China pushes foreign policy agenda: The current Director-General of the WHO, former Health Minister of Ethiopia, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a Marxist-Leninist just like Xi Jinping.

They both originate from the non-Western world, Africa for decades being kept under the boot of the Western empires.

Are we witnessing the revenge of Africa? Tedros is remarkably quick to blame racism if criticized, a classic New Left strategy to avoid accountability.

It was Dr. Tedros who in the EU virtual meeting with state leaders on March 10th, scared the living daylights out of EU leaders, causing the panic that led to the shutdown of EU nations, implemented by March 12th.

Tedros said that there were more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries, and 4,291 dead, describing the outbreak as “pandemic”. As an expected 60-80 % of the population were to contract the virus, the math shows millions of dead.

In Germany alone, approximately 60 million would contract the virus, with WHO expecting 3.5 % or more dead.

Dr. Tedros is the first Director-General of the WHO who is not a medical doctor, his campaign was backed by China from the very beginning, according to WION reports.

China’s support for Africa is no secret. While Tedros was in office in Ethiopia, China help amounted to billions. Chinese media has reported widely of the WHO leadership praise of China. Tedros was also China’s man for the WHO job, the Rest long desiring to quench the West’ power in the leading Western organizations that have ruled the world.




China pushes foreign policy agenda: The same Western organizations, that often pose in the media with slogans such as “the world community has decided,” often reflect the Western perspective, not the world.

With Tedros as China’s man at the WHO, the organization is set to reflect China’s interests in the times ahead.

If the US pulls back its funding, China fills the void at the WHO just as it has done in Africa and across the world. 

China is also providing relief on loans to African countries that are struggling due to the corona crisis. This is done in classical Chinese manner, as national assets are expected to be put up as collateral.

The exact same method has been implemented all over the world by the IMF, the World Bank and so on, for decades, creating vassals of independent nations to the benefit of the West.


China pushes foreign policy agenda: South China Sea
China pushes foreign policy agenda: China is now strengthened its claim over islands in the South China Sea that control one of the world’s most important water ways, as its president, Xi Jinping bears in mind that these islands will be crucial for Western control or regional forces in case of a military conflict.


Territorial claims in the South China Sea


China pushes foreign policy agenda: The corona virus may very well be working to China’s advantage, says Collin Koh at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.

Koh adds: “What we are seeing here is pretty much business as usual with the exception that China is radically making use of the current situation to ensure that what it is doing now will actually meet little or no opposition from the other claimant states in the South China Sea.”

Claimants such as Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines – too busy with their own COVID cases to offer much in the way of opposition.”

“The U.S. Navy, which often conducts freedom of navigation exercises in the South China Sea to counter China’s claims, has also been hit by the COVID crisis. The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt is now in port in Guam after hundreds of sailors became infected.”

Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea conflict with those of Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, Yahoo reports.

The Philippines has protested against the China claim that a Manila-claimed region in the South China Sea is Chinese territory.

China recently proclaimed two districts to administer the two disputed groups of islands in the South China Sea, in order to strengthen its claim to the entire waterway, which is among the world’s busiest sea routes.

As the West is engulfed in internal conflicts, ethnic strife, lack of manners, disdain for its historical heritage and great periods in history, the Sun Tzu nation of China wins. 


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